Saturday, July 10, 2010

just to keep y'all occupied for a while :))

mornin folks - and a happy saturday to ya !

i was just tryin to see what i could do for a post this mornin that wouldn't be bitchy, whiny, or medical.. or worse -- depressing. the last part was just a guess. i don't know if i've been bringin y'all down lately -- but i know i have been gettin dragged to pits of hell. slowly -- but i'm beginning to feel it. and no -- i can't like it. i sure wish i coulda just stayed in TN. cuz really - it's just been one thing after another -- and mostly not fun things - since i got back. cept gettin my dogs bac. and my cats. they are great animals, and they missed me, they were happy to see us-- and us them too . of course.
speakin of cats -- and my disdain.. i mean absolute love for them.. we have a new addition . a rescue - if you will. ugh. more about that later, but his name is "douglas" , and i was suckered right into that little situation.

anyhow. i was sittin here doin the smoke - n- choke, chillin, cruisin, checkin e-mail, that kinda stuff. i began feelin kinda low - as just 'thoughts, began seepin into my feeble mind. so i went to look at my vimeo video. some of those are of some good times. i came across my 15th anniversary video. 15 years of -our- life all wrapped up into a few minutes. anyhow-- i figured i'd toss that up here - it's a re-run , but the original post was three years ago. so i reckon a lot of y'all haven't seen it.
we just past our 18th you know - july 1st. so have a look. the music is good - if nothin else. ;)) - in the meantime -- i have stuff to do today -- i reckon i will keep tryin to work on our TN video -- i should stay start workin on it. my photo files are a frickin disaster. i just have had a lot goin on. i think i may wait til the end of the month til after we get back from our next micro-cation - and just make one big ass summer-vacay thing -- with all the mini vacations, tn and all wrapped up into one video. then all i have to do is make a part two - with the last one lil micro-cation to lubbock. i think that's the last one. hmm.
anyhow-- again - i must go for now -
i'll be around.

Untitled from brezz on Vimeo.

happy weekend in your worlds my friends
and hugs all around !