Thursday, February 18, 2010

have you ever woken up in a puddle of melted chocolate?

well, just in case you haven't experienced that luxury? it's not fun. in fact, it in fact is a little like waking up in a pile a smooshed cat shit really. well, because at first ya don't realize you had been sleep bloggin while also sleep eating-- chocolate... no -- you stand there wonderin WTF is this shit on my shirt ! and did hubby see it and wonder, in silence, the same thing??
it's like OMG, how embarrassing. but after further investigation i realized i had been sleep bloggin, and sleep eating last night, and apparently 'lost' a truffle in the middle of it somewhere. end result? a truffle under my back for the rest of the night. oh yay !

so. yep. that was fun. not. i actually remembered the sleep bloggin part. well the bein on the computer part of it-- don't ask for details-- i have none. all i know is i could not sleep. yet-- i did sleep-- then wake up-- find myself online, shake it off, and continue on, rather than shut down and go to 'sleep' like a normal person. ugh.
but-- as for the eatin candy? nope-- no recollection-- except for the leavins on my sheet and shirt. peachy. at least it wasn't a mouthful of grilled cheese :)) that wouldn't be a first. and luckily i didn't burn anything.

can i get any stupider?
don't answer that. we all know that i can. and most likely will. let's just hope i have a few good years left.

welp- my alarm to take soulkid to school just went off-- but is she scramblin down the stairs like beaver cleaver? of course not-- so do you think i'm gonna shut this down like june cleaver? nah, not just yet. not til i hear the pitter pat of her little feets comin down to go to school. like the good girl that she is. hahahahaha. geesh i amuse myself. we never get there with more than two minutes to spare. ever. someday i will learn to not care . but i am always on the verge of a panic attack about HER bein late-- cuz I hate to be late anywhere. but her? she must be a robot when it comes to stress levels-- it seems the only thing that upsets her is ME. go figure.

welp-- really, i should go -- she is actually almost ready--
i shall see y'all in a while. ahhhl- be baaaack.
some -a- y'all are really in need of updating. or is it just that i blab too much?
anyhow---- i hope you all have good days--
it is almost friday ya know-- that is a good thing--
and if the sun shines? even bettah!!!!

laterz folks-

what will they think of next????
i want one :))