Sunday, October 18, 2009

for mois?

well looky what Gypsy gave me. it's been quite a while since i've got an award, actually. so i think it's pretty cool.
and 'over the top' even. that's even better. over the top - of what? i have no idea -- use you're imagination. fill in the blanks? i'm just kiddin with ya.

Thank You Gypsy! even though i had to work for this one. i think it's cool. and i think you are pretty cool yourself.

so-- if anyone is wondering what i had to do in order to receive this award -- well... that is -- aside from the obvious -- :)) -- or if ya want you can visit Gypsys blog -- you won't be disappointed . ---- or -- you can force yourself to read through yet another meme --- hey-- it's part of the deal k.... if i had known.. i wouldn't have put you through the misery of the previous meme hell. look on the bright side-- at least i didn't finish that one (2000 questions) -- plus -- this one is much shorter-- and the answers are only one word responses :)) so i think y'all are pretty safe.

oh -- but there's one more thing--- i am supposed to pass this on to 6 other folks that i find to be 'over the top' - hmmm... i'm never good at doin this passing out blog awards thing. both gypsy, and charlotte/val - who also posted hers -- found ways around singling folks out. i'll have to give that some thought for a minute.

in the meantime -- read on -- if ya wanna


Where is your cell phone? here

Your hair? messy

Your mother? dead

Your father? dead

Your favorite food? cooked

Your dream last night? odd

Your favorite drink? Tea

Your dream/goal? Happiness

What room are you in? office

Your hobby? fishing

Your Fear? pain

Where do you want to be in 6 years? fishing

Where were you last night? home

Something that you aren’t? presentable

Muffins? tops

Wish list item? handyman :))

Where did you grow up? everywhere

Last thing you did? smoked

What are you wearing? jammies

Your TV? off

Your pets? animals

Friends? bloggers

Your life? hard

Your mood? crabby

Missing someone? nah

Vehicle? filthy

Something you’re not wearing? jewelry

Your favorite store? dunno

Your favorite color? blue

When was the last time you laughed? yesterday

Last time you cried? yesterday

Your best friend? Sushi

One place that I go to over and over? school

One person who emails me regularly? mary

Favorite place to eat? kitchen

ok folks--
as for passing the torch?
i really do hate this part-
but here goes-

1- Mary at pathways- YOU are most definitely 'over the top' my friend- and we all know why! keep on truckin LBF !!!

2- Donna at Made In Heaven - cuz she keeps me in check :))

3- (forgive me and my senile self) --but -- @ Moohaa -- cuz she is one awesome lady!!

4- Donna at Gittin it outta my Head -- she got a email from Obama :)) haha

5- Brenda at What's up Down South -- she has a cool name :)) kiddin - she's on top o' things :))

6- phew finally -- i hate doin this -- i hope no one feels left out-- or hurt :((
but # 6 shall go to --

Smocha at Cats on The British Counter -- she overcomes whatever is placed in front of her with wit and attitude -- just like someone else i know. (well, there's a reason for that-- but i won't tell if you won't)

ok-- that's all for today-

you ALL deserve this buit only 6 could get it-- from me-- that leave you 6 -- to make it happen for the rest of em --
laterz peeps -- and
happy Sunday!