Friday, April 2, 2010

friday night live :)) NOW - IT'S later news @ 8:30 - UPDATE

i'm ok peeps -- will update latah--
in fact-- i'll move this to the front page -- gotta go to dinnah --
laterz y'all


Thank you, one and all. for your nice thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. whatever it was that you did, you done it well, and right. and i thank you. :)) someone wrote a song about that once - have you heard it? "and I thaaaanK you..." yep, it wasn't too bad either. so yep - i dedicate that song to y'all. welp, at least i think i do. it's been a long time since i've heard it, so i obviouskly only remember the one line in it :O bleh . just love me.

ok -- what do ya wanna know first? how bout the part i learned first.. how's that?
k.. first 'news' i got today was the call from the pain doc, about the MRI results.

the good= nope. no tumor. thank God. yes i did think it was a possibility. it always crosses my mind to tell the truth. i haven't 'felt well' for several years, and no doctor in the country has been able to tell me why that is. except for the one who diagnosed me with Addison's disease about 5 or six years ago. that explained and still does, alot of why i feel bad - but not enough. i still search for some other - illness, syndrome, or mystery diagnosis.. of some sort or another. i need dr. House. yesterday.
but regardless of any of that... the MRI was clear of any and all 'abnormalities'. oh really? well shit. this is of course aside from the already diagnosed crap like 'facet joint arthritis' at L-4 and L-5. and 'stenosis' , and friggin some other 'thing with a fancy name for bad and never ending pain.
prognosis? meds. have the steroid injections on monday and hope for the best. if the shots do no good, follow up with some kind of other fancy and expensive diagnostic scan from another 'specialist'. hmmm... love the fancy words 'they' use that so easily slip my mind. but once again, when i know more- you will know more.

oh, sorry -- the bad and the ugly is in there somewhere -- ya just have to sift around a bit to find it-- i forgot i was writin 'that way' .

and next? the labs are obviously a hurry up and wait - all the time. but the dip-stick pee test seemed ok. the blood will be a while.

i think that about covers it?

we went out for dinner earlier -- it was good , and a good time. we had our 'Easter Dinner" because soulman will be out of town for his fishing tournament, and soulkid, apparently has plans with her hunny boy, and audrey will be here for a few days before her return to California -- so we shall just be cleanin up the soul - crib and chillin for the next few days.

other than that? not much else to say right now--

hope your nights are happy ones out there in your worlds.
can't rightly complain-- too much, - about mine.

i can pee clearly now - but the pain's not gone :))

i can't see anything before my eyes --

just slap me around a little , i'll straighten out. well, no i won't cuz this is just how i am. and you love me anyhow-- just admit it to yourself. you'll be ok. ha ! no, i'm not stoned. i had one pain pill , two hours ago. stoned it did not make me. bummer huh? yeh that's what i say. if i have to take the stuff, i should at least enjoy it right? yeh well, i'm not that lucky. but i am grateful that it's not fun for me.. cuz if it was? i'd be gettin myself in big trouble with that.

but anyways to move this along -- i can. i can, and i did, and i have... peed, i mean. i was really worried about that little problem yesterday. i didn't have any kind of clue what might be causing that. it's never happened before. so yes, i was concerned about that.
i was - and am, scheduled for labs late this afternoon. so we'll see if anything shows up on those. urine and blood-- we'll see about liver- kidney- addisons related stuff-
things along those lines -- anything that may relate to the weight loss- the low back pain -- that if it isn't a spine or disk problem, could be kidneys- hence the peein thing. or perhaps - the amount of meds i've been takin this past year or so-- liver. ugh. i hurt all over the damn place-- how am i sposed to know where or what could be wrong? i don't. hell i had a DVT- and friggin lung clot for two full days before i went to the doctor ! i always think -- "
hell, it's just me, i always hurt. it's no big deal, take a pill."

now? i have no idea - so of course -- "i have a tumor !" somewhere! shit.
my pain dr. 'assured me, yesterday

"it's not a tumor- i give you permission to relax, if nothing is on the MRI"

"okee dokee doc. it's not your body -- with 150 symptoms of 'a tumor' so sure i'll relax. suuure thing."

and hells no -- i only said that in my head. i may be ballsy sometimes -- but i don't ever bite the hand that feeds me. bleh.

so anyhow-- yep - i 'should' hear something about the MRI by -- 3, maybe 5.. today.
i'll let ya know what and when i know. k?

as for the labs? we all know those take -- t-i-m-e , but again -- i'll get back to you on that. k?

happy weekends people-

make them happy , even if they're not seeming that way -- that's what i'm gonna do :))