Thursday, December 4, 2008

welp i figure i better post before Brad turns blue on us :))

Hmmmm. i don't know y'all. whaddaya think?

i think he looks pretty good in blue. brad papa smurf. or would that be papa brad smurf?

anyhow--- there's brad-- hopefully i got here in time. :))

how the hell have ya been people?? !!!
i hope everything is good -- everywhere.
i haven't made it very far--or very often around blogland lately, so i am sorry if i've missed anything important. i have kept up with a few of you a little-- and that has been good, but i wish things could be better for a couple of you-- and i'm sure it's that way for some i haven't kept up with.

this has really been a shitty year as a whole, i would say. for many people i know, not only myself. it just has. some has been financial, some medical, some folks lost someone they love, or watched as someone they love lost someone. kids have gotten bigger-- and found bigger problems-- for their self , and their parents.
it seems there's been a lot of heartache in 2008. i will be extremely happy to watch it go out. this is one New Years Eve that i may actually force myself to go out and celebrate. that means somethin-- i haven't gon out for new years, since soulkid was born. hmm. come to think of it- there's a lot of things i haven't done since soulkid was born. but that doesn't really matter here. just kinda fell out.
oh by the way, i think i said it before here recently, so maybe as a reminder to myself this New Years :



i really do blame the freakin black eyed peas i ate for New Years. It was a tradition i had heard of, and had many people ask me if i followed it. i always said, hmm why no, no do not eat black eyed peas on new years for good luck, i oughtta try that sometime.
well folks... i did try it sometime. that time was 2008 new years. and the year came in by putting my best dog ever to sleep. i had that dog for like 13 years-- she was a fifteen year old black lab, she was my soul-mate. she is where i got the name "soul-mange".. not that that's a good name... but shortly after i got her.. she got pregnant by our other dog Aztec== a shephard. well, Midnight, my dog, ended up having TEN puppies. she dug a CAVE under my back patio, big enough for me and two of YOU to get under. and she had her pups under there. well, i was told it had something to do with the dirt-or something in it (there) -- combined with her genes (?) or something-- caused her and all ten puppies to get mange. it was the saddest animal thing i think i may have seen -- up to that point. well.. there was another-- but i won't tell you about that right now. anyhow-- yep-- i took the puppies at about 6 weeks, maybe to the animal shelter, they said it was mange, and they would have to put all ten down. i left there so sad. it just was sad. but i of course kept midnight. i took her to the vet-- at first they said it was ringworm or some crap.. so i treated her for that. but she continued to lose weight-- along with all her hair. she would just sit there and look all pitiful and helpless, and scratch herself, and it just made me want to cry. i told someone one day that i was just gonna have to have someone take her out and shoot her or something. we didn't have the money then to "do it right". she told me to take her one more time to a different doggie dr. i almost didn't. i almost had my mind made up. it was such a tough decision as it were. i loved that dog. i loved her the minute i saw her. meeting that dog, might just be the most vivid memory i have. well.. it sure is one of them. but i remember everything about it. well, anyhow--- i worked back then, and kept the company truck at night, so when i left that day- i just picked up midnight and took her to a different dog dr. he gave her the proper diagnosis of whatever word for hereditary /mange. he gave -- well of course i mean sold.... me some of the best magical shampoo and vitamins a dog--or dog mom could pray for--- and it brought my midnight back to life!!! it was amazing. it took maybe a week for her to look like a dog again, and get some hair etc and stop the god awful scratching... but after that--and another week of the magic soap baths? she was perfect all over again.
she had the best life any spoiled miracle soul dog could ever wish for too. i bet i treated that dog better than my own husband :))

that is not what i intended to write when i sat here---- but i don't think what i intend to write ever ends up here anyways.

but -- i must go now-- time to go round up the soulkid from school.

catchya later folks-

brad? you ok man??