Saturday, July 19, 2008

i'm gonna live - til i die - sing it peeps- if ya know the tune

i can't believe the weather today - any other day it would be 90 degrees by now--- instead? it's like not even 80 yet... and what am i doin? gettin prepared to face my kitchen HELL.
what would i RATHER be doin?
THIS !!!
of course !

(well, surely not naked-- but maybe-- :))

BUT- instead---
even cats are havin better luck than me lately -
so they can fish-
and i shall clean my sty-

BUT speakin of fishin-
wanna see a sad sad thing?
someone has altered our fishin fairy !!!
yes it's true ladies.
i was mortified when i saw him.
are you ready for this?
oh , it is a horrible transformation...
assuming you have seen the original photo--
here is our altered,
"not naked anymore- fishing fairy"

my heart is shattered-
how bout you?

i'm thinkin the only thing that might save me-
is spendin money-
on myself-of course-
i found these shirts-
and i want them-
along with the sloth hat-
that i still haven't bought-


that on--
and THIS one-

and i think you all saw the hat- i don't have the pic anymore.

IF i manage to get my work DONE
i just might reward myself with the above items.

i have been found out--
someone has discovered my nasty-ass kitchen
AND put it online-

oh hell--
the SHAME-

(it's really not mine--
but it's not far-off.)
see why i'm such a tortured -soul??

AND my floors?
i wish i had some of THESE-
they would help i think-
and might even make cleanin the floor a bit fun :))


even though i am a slug from HELL-
i am prepared for battle today-
and am not gonna sit-
or leave the house-
until this shit pen of a house
is finito today !
God willing.

oh-- for smocha--
here is YOUR next kitty purchase
you really have crossed the line ya know
but i sure thought of YOU when i saw this-


anyhow peeoples-
IF i actually DO manage to finish my shit today
without dying-
i just may run away-
me and portia have some long overdue plans-

-- so do me and jamie for that matter-
anyone else wanna run away?--

i hope you all have happy-
" happy dance" kinda days in your worlds-
cuz if i don't-
i just may go to bed for the rest of the weekend-