Saturday, January 12, 2008

can we say "OH SHIT" ?

well, I sure can.
in fact, i think i said it four or five times in a row,
just now.

oh well. guess i'll live.
not that big a deal.

but, just so ya know... in case you noticed-
i have been making some changes here over the
last couple of days-
and this morning, while deleting some entries, i guess
i accidentally deleted some in Jan this year, that i didn't intend to.

i did, however intend to delete "most" of 2007.
there were a few that i wanted to keep.
but most are gone now.
new why not, right.

so anyhow...
i sure didn't mean to to delete "angies survivor post".. that was the most positive
post i have had up in what seems to be quite a while.
let's all wish her the best, and if she does get on the show--
we gotta be her biggest fans ya know.

so anyhow ...
i got things to to do---
i know that is hard to believe
but it's true.

so, i hope you all have the best day possible
in your own world today-
i will try