Thursday, May 22, 2008

almost 9 am and overcast-- hmmm -- updated TWICE/W-pix --

i have "a list" a half mile long-- but the weather is perfect for fishing. where do my responsibilities lie?? holy crap. if i remember correctly-- and i may not-- i don't think i have been fishing since friday. :(( i sure have wanted to tho. wait-- i think i did on the weekend--- but i got skunked. so it didn't count. i should go. at least for a while. dontcha think? yep. i do.
but i have a lot to do. ugh. decisions decisions .

anyhow-- i guess whatever i decide-- what gets done , gets done, and what doesn't can wait. whaddayathink.?

i finally went to wally hell yesterday. i swear, it has been weeks since i went grocery shopping. hubby has picked up things here and there-- but a real grocery day has been desperately required around here for a long time. so i broke down and shopped. another price hike on just about everything was noticed... and i was pissed about that. i tried to be frugal.. so i skipped many of the junky stuff i usually get-- which i of course heard about later... "you didnt get any snaaaacks"... whaaaa.
i also didn't get hardly any meat-- maybe one or two things of meat.
damn man. it sucked. we were down to nearly nuthin again. i did the best i could, and really thought i was gonna walk outta there at near 100.00 .... did i???
ummm, NO. did i come close to 100???

ummm NOT.
did i almost have a fuckin stroke?
uhhhh yep.. yes i did.
i even tried to find a new credit card we just got-- cuz i went soooo over my budget-- it was find a different way to pay-- or skip a bill, that was already lat-- almost a week late. did i find said card-- NOPE. and i had some woman sighing behind me-- so i just paid off the regular bank-- knowing i was in big trouble.

know how much i spent? on almost nuthing???
close to 240.00.
i do not know HOW either. but it really sucked. no junk food, little meat, wth???

i did get a carton of smokes-- 33.00, but that doesn't make it 240.00.

i double checked my rct when i got home.. i was double charged on one thing-- but it was only 3.88 that doesn't put me over 200 either. but somethin has to be off somewhere . i gotta go over it again... and yep-- i am gonna go get my 3.88 back. cuz i'm cheap like that. :))


where was i???


i have , literally, a stack of medical bills... SIX inches high. can we say "screwed" ?
i must sift through them today. i'm pretty sure several are duplicates, so once i organize them they won't look so scary. but i know some are very high.. from the seizure. even after insurance--- omg.

yesterday i had to go through a mess with my insurance over my eye glasses. they were tryin to say they weren't gonna pay for them.. so i had to do a buncha stuff for that. that was real fun. not. but it shouldn't be a problem now. i hope.

well anyhow-- i guess y'all don't wana hear all my boring crap o the day. do ya.

i reckon if i manage to get in some fishin time i will let ya know.. if i catch anything. i just think i need to take care of my business stuff and the house before i play. i'm behind on everything. and everyone. i did manage to make my rounds this morning-- which makes me feel somewhat better... i hate to get behind with yall. you know that. i hate the guilt's--

sooo-- i guess that answers the fishin question.. work it is.

catcha later peoples

have great days in your worlds today--

10:10 a.m.


obviously, i went fishin......
obviously , i caught fish. :))
i had planned to go for an hour.. just to get it outta my system. i'm an addict. i stayed for two hours. thing was.. i got two fish-- about that size. that one was 2 lbs. the next was 2.3 pounds-- but the camera wigged out and the pics didn't take on the second fish. not sure why. operator error i'm sure.
they were sure fun to catch. but , right before i got em i was about ready to leave and get back to my errands and chores, etc. but after two of those? i just couldn't--yet. so i kept fishin.. for an hour-- and didn't get any more.

so i left finally, intending on being productive.. well, i picked up a rx.. and a few things at the store.... then , when i got home .. i ate. we all know i shouldn't eat lunch when i have things to do---- yep-- i fell asleep. dammit. i did manage to get roast goin, and some laundry started first-- but that's about it. the clan is home now. soulman just got in a few minutes ago--it was kinda funny the way he reacted to smellin dinner cookin. like it something he'd never experienced before. he said "what's that smell"?? umm.. dinner. (hmm.. it HAS been a while-- too long apparently) i really do need to cook more.

anyhow.. guess i'll go throw somethin at sushi now. :)) not really, but her barkin at every little thing is makin me crazy--- anyone want her?