Friday, October 9, 2009

it's raining, it's pouring, eevee is barking like her crate is on fire

ugh! once again, eevee woke me up at 145 , barking like her cage was burning down. good lord. know what was wrong? not what i thought. i thought she had to pee. so i of course tried to ignore her at first--- like any neglectful mother does -- but that didn't last long. i got up and went to put her outside... i open the door -- and what do 'we' see? rain, lightening, then... a crash of thunder! surely i've mentioned she is terribly afraid of thunder? don't ask me why. she was like that when we got got her. in fact, i have since nicknamed her 'thundercat'. as big as she is , she climbs on me and sits in my lap-- if i let her-- when it thunders. i've never seen an animal so afraid of thunder. it's actually sad. she literally has panic attacks. it has to be from something the 'bad adoptive family before us' did to her. firecrackers? guns? i do not know.
what i do know, is that part of shutzund training.. the type she went through before the bad family--- gunshots-- or most likely 'starter guns' are a big part of the training. if a dog is what they call 'gun-shy, they can't train. obviously, her being this afraid of thunder-- she would definitely be gun-shy as well.

so anyhow-- i don't know-- if i was eevees kennel people? i think i woulda sued the people that did whatever they did to her. but , if she was still at her prime? we sure wouldn't have her... so it worked out alright i spose.

don't even ask how i got onto all that stuff... i was just gonna complain that she woke me up at an ungodly hour. it turned into her history. see what happens when your babies aren't babies anymore?

i forgot to mention... we did manage to get us a new coffee maker before the weekend ended. :)) and i love it. it is actually the same make and style of the one i praised that we had gotten as a wedding gift-- that lasted so long. i really didn't think they made em anymore-- ahhh but they do! only much more sleek and modern. do you think i have learned how to use it yet? ummm no. do you think i will be forced to soon? ummm, yep. hubby got it on sunday, and has been setting the timer every night since. except-- yep-- last night. whaaaaaa. at the moment i am drinkin yesterdays nuked sludge. sorry, but i am just not prepared to learn new things at 2 a.m. one more warm-up.. and i reckon i'll have no other choice. it'll be sink or swim then. whenever he gets consistent in making the next days coffee- on the timer-- then abruptly stops?? ya know what song comes immediately to my mind?
neil diamond -- "you don't bring me flowers"

haha. what can i say. i'm a loser baby.. so why dontchya kill me. (that's a song btw-- don't get all jiggy on me. it's by 'beck'.)

i know-- i'm just goin nowhere at all with this. i guess i have nuthin to say today. just spewin typage.

i shall letya go.

enjoy your fridays!!!!!
it's a soggy one here :((