Tuesday, September 27, 2011


'sup y'all?   not a lot around here.  well , other than a few changes . apparently that isn't anything new lately eh?  looks like everything is changing lately. 

Facebook is pissin me off these last few days.  i reckon i'm not the only one who's frustrated, but i think i have a reason or two other than just the changes there that are aggravating me.  i don't think i'll get into that issue right now.  but grrrrrr.  it's an issue.  gimme a tissue  :)) ha!

ok -- movin on..  how was your day out there in the world?   mine here was -- i reckon fragmented - might describe it.  i'd go out and do  one thing - come home for a bit - then end up back out with something else to do -- back home - and back out again.. it was like that several times for me today -- and i have to do it one more time later on - to go pick up my girl from work.  her headlight is broken and the entire assembly has to be replaced - so i dropped her off today so she wouldn't risk getting a ticket - or worse, having an accident with a headlight out.  hopefully her dad can have time to fix it when he gets home tonight .. if not maybe i can fix it tomorrow.  we shall see.

holy cow.  sometimes i just can't figure folks out.  i can spend five minutes / or five days tryin to just understand a person.  i never get there.  sometimes i just gotta let it go.  not always the person ("it")  - the 'it' can be -- see?  i don't even understand "it" myself.  grrrrr.  this is how i sometimes end up just not talking or writing or communicating at all.  i just can't figure people out. obviously  - i'm having people problems at the moment.   i'm not arguing with anyone. no one at all.  maybe i just try too hard.  who knows.  maybe i just need to chill.  ya reckon?


i'm chillaxed now.  ahhhhh.  i saw this on facebook.  i know what i said. you shush.  just look -

how could anyone not melt their soul , lookin at that baby ?

that is my new 'great-neice' , Hayden. isn't she the prettiest baby in the world? no. that isn't really a question.  i already know she is! awwww.  i haven't been out to Chicago yet to see her, but we all will will be seein her and her lil family soon.  i'm not sure when. but i hope it isn't any later than Christmas.
oh! i want to hold her more than anything. i'm so excited.  for me and her new happy parents as well.

welp guys , i spose i should get outta heah and greet my spouse.  he just got home from work a while ago , and i haven't said much more than hello to him.  i reckon i shall talk to you another time.

until then you all be safe and happy in your worlds -- i will do my best in mine :))

the below pic is for a certain friend of mine -- i hope she stops in and sees it .  if not  -- i want you all to know -- i am not on crack.  :))

Sunday, September 25, 2011

playin catch up

howdy folks -

have you seen the price of coffee? 

 this is at my wallgreens -

how have your last few days been goin?  not a whole lot has been very different here in my world.  sick people, fishin, biness stuff, just pretty regular ole junk .  i spent three sick days on house arrest. that was really no fun at all.  i had got used to staying pretty active since my ribs healed.  i made myself a promise after that happened.  and that was to stop living such a sickeningly stagnant lifestyle.  it was killing me.  and once i changed so drastically in that way.  i noticed that physically and mentally i was like a different person. well, not really a different person.... but i was ME again.  i could carry on full conversations, i could even hear better.  i could think more clearly, and i physically felt better. i had less pain and more energy.  it was crazy.  then suddenly a few weeks ago - i hit with bronchitis - ouch -- a couple days laid out -- then boom ! literally the day after my antibiotics for bronchitis were done? day eleven? strep throat ! bah !  but -- it wasn't as bad as it coulda been.  both of those usually really lay me out -- but i handled them both better than i ever have in my life.  of course it was no fun.  but neither was worse than any other type of any other cold .  so i felt pretty lucky there.  on the other hand?  my poor soulkid is takin a lickin.  she has missed several days work and it is kickin her butt.  she had to go back to the dr yesterday and get stronger antibiotics.  poor thing.  she looks , and feels , even sounds really bad.  i feel awful for her.  it's been a long time since she has been this sick.

on a better note -- like i said -  i have been able to get out of the house more this last couple days -- and of course i used my time wisely - and went fishin a couple times :)))  y'all know that is my favorite thing to do --

 above- was yesterday - umm, before i fell in the water :))
yes - it's true , still a little lopsided from the sick

 so - i switched to 'drop-shotting', and sitting to fish

 of course, the size of the fish changed dramatically 
but i didn't mind !

 time warp -
friday night

 this is a really bad picture of me -
hubby looks pretty damn good 

we took the girl and her boyfriend - to dinner and a movie-  saw "Moneyball"  not terrific , but good enough to see.  maybe.  it was long. and us girls were sick.  i wasn't awful sick, but like i said , poor soulkid .  wow. her boyfriend isn't sick yet .. and boy am i surprised.

welp - that's about all i got to say for now -- i'm all caught up for now.  
hope you all have really good days in your worlds today!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

to blog - or not to blog

howdy folks!  long time no see eh?  yeh well.  i won't make excuses for that -- this time.  at least i'll try not to.  anyhow.  some peeps have tellin me they would like to see me blog more often.  some folks enjoy my blog.  of course others -- at times, find that i get a little distracted and tend to drag things out and get a little too long and discombobulated.  personally, i used to love to write here.  i almost found it impossible to NOT write on these pages.  i met folks that i absolutely fell in love in love with!!  we formed bonds that remain unbroken to this day !  true friends for life !  there are a few that lines of trust were broken beyond belief as well.. of course time has taken care of that - and as they say , 'time heals all wounds' and that is very true.  no anger or pain is left.  that board is erased and i am happy and not afraid to make new friends anymore.  that makes me happy and so do the new friends i meet and continue to meet and bond with.  i learned some valuable lessons through that experience - it took some time -- but it was worth it.  and i am stronger for it . 

through that and those people who tried to bring me to my knees ?  i grew stronger as a person and only learned to love more.  not less.  i have reached out to my brothers' son - and am getting to know him - and am teaching him of his family background. although i don't know very much of my family background myself; he never knew his dad- my brother.  or any one else in our family.  we've been talking via facebook, and i have been getting together family photos.  he is thrilled with the information.  a little overwhelmed.  but thrilled.  the only picture he had seen of his dad was when he was 10 years old.  it made me sad to know this.  but i am happy to help him learn of his roots. and more to teach him more about his dad -- and so much more happy to be able to get to know my nephew !  he is such a great guy! and very very talented ! my brother would be so very proud of him !

ok - i should stop bein so sappy now.  it's been a while since i wrote a 'real' post in here.  i have been posting just for the sake of postin when or if i do for so long i forgot how to.  when i do open up and write i don't really think about it - stuff just flies outta my fingers.  it lands on the page before i know whats said. i can't really help it.  so sorry if it ends up too long - or confusing.  it is what it is.  it is my 'soul'

Fall is here -- change of seasons.  change on Face Book - my friggin Cable company even made changes.  have i mentioned that i absolutely hate CHANGE!???  i almost cannot handle change .  i have cracked up mental - just from moving !  we could move across town and i could have a nervous breakdown! 
but all these changes are right here - right now.  so- why not one more to throw on the table.  i reckon i can blog again.  if you'll read it.  if no one is gonna read it - i might not. maybe i will.  i do like to write.  then again my life is back to busy.  we shall see.

have happy days in your worlds today folks !
i will try !

Sunday, September 11, 2011

best movie quote of the year

Blogging isn't writing. It's graffiti with punctuation.

from the movie "Contagion"

see clip number 6  (i couldn't get the embed code :((

Friday, September 9, 2011

my new great neice and fish :))

you might be a redneck :))  great fishin punk'd    

(video link)

click pix to make em bigger ---

my baby nephew - and his new baby girl - Hayden !!!