Monday, May 12, 2008

here i am with monday part two

well peeps--

i had big plans for the ole blog today. but i.m afraid it just aint gonna happen.. not today. at least, for now, it aint lookin that that way. i finally got back from the doc.
doc 1 got canned -- thank GOD---- cuz there happened to be a doc 2-- that happened to pity me enough to call in an rx this morning without me having to be forced to go see doc 1-- due to a massive middle of the night, make me near suicidal migraine - with NO meds last night. UGH.

but, i still had a doc 3 appt for a CT today that i just got home from. i had no idea, although i should have-- that i would have to drink that gawd awful barium...and also get shot up with die.. (contrast)-- omg. i feel like hell. i've felt like hell all damn day. since the moment i opened my puffy eyes this morning. an HOUR late mind you.

i had SUCH a mental attack about everything-- from the headache, waking late, thinking soulkid was late, and ALL this medical shit, that i just broke down bawling like a big ass crybaby.
soulman got my phone and started calling my doctors , making appointments etc. it was a horrible morning...and i might add a not so great day.

soulman is now stuck with the grocery shopping and taking soulkid to get re-fit for a new retainer to day too, as her upper didn't fit and made her bleed-- so she needs a new one.
i could take her for that-- the appointment is at 410 today-- but-- barium, and me-- don't get along well-- IF ya know what i mean, so i have to stay close to home.

so-- anyhow-- i'll catch up with y'all later-- actually more like tomorrow if ya wanna lay bets on it.

and as for the thing i was workin on.. that'll take another day or two i bet too. it's a video--and it's a mess. i'm way out of practice for that. and my pics are scattered all over the place-- cd's , and three computers.

anyhow-- i don't think i need to tell ya-- i'm a tired ole hag today-- and offline-- in bed -- is where i should be about now.

hope y'all are havin good days todays

it's a monday for damn sure here...

what goes up must come down

i had the best mothers day ever yesterday!

i felt good ,i was spoiled ; without feeling like anyone was forcing it--- or "put out". it was just a really good day.

i didn't have the most fun ever while shopping. God..y'all know how i hate to shop. i need one of those "personal shopper people" :))
i ended up at THREE different stores-- only looking for a shirt and pants. i had planned on gettin some "real" girl pants. but that is always hell for me in itself. so-- needless to say-- i ended up with mens pants--yet again. (all i found at the first store was stuff for soulkid and soulman--aint that the way it goes tho)
anyhow.. i'm lookin at the "slacks".. i either couldn't find my size-- which oddly enough , i don't even KNOW in girl size. i even looked at "suits".. but -- i am built so freakin weird-- i always need like a huge, blazer, and small pants-- so that didn't work either.
then i think , after looking at about two thousand shirts, i decide-- ok, i'll break down and look at -- womens shirts. even though i hate them! hate them. (on me).. so i start lookin around .. i cannot believe some of these clothes. my gawd. on the hanger , i would see somethin, "hey that looks cute".. i'd pull it off the rack.. only to find it was only like a HALF shirt-- meaning like a crop top--and i'm talkin about collared shirts.. wth ? why would they not make an entire shirt? ugh. that happened several times. then of course other shirts are sleeveless, or like tank tops... or soooo freakin "form fitted" it was just ridiculous-- they could only fit a mannequin-- NO human woman could be shaped that way. ugh. ... i woulda laughed if i wasn't so frustrated.
i don't know ANYONE--THAT "form fitted". i really think i am de-formed. all my life i have been forced to wear mens clothes due to my "form".. my shape. my whatever. i honestly don't know where this build of mine came from. but i would never ever wear a half shirt-- especially trying to dress nice. or a sleeveless, and/or tight as a straight jacket shirt. sorry peeps.. just not for me. it does work for some.. i just aint one of em.
the few things i saw that i really thought were cute enough to wear-- were either small enough to fit sushi-- seriously--whether in womens or jrs depts... i was almost to the point of bein pissed..and givin up on the whole ordeal. (and y'all wonder why i dress like a slob-- ha now ya know. )

so anyhow-- after three stores , i end up--for myself-- a shirt-and a pair of pants. woo hoo-- not exactly what i wanted-- but i was done.
so i go home, get cleaned up, begin to get dressed-- and what do i find? even the damned mens pants i bought-- were huge! they were the size i wear-- just musta been a "style " i didn't know about--it was a brand i have never bought before. was i pissed? umm yes. i ended up wearing the shirt i got-- which i like-- only it coulda been a size smaller. but the pants--ugh. i ended up wearing some jeans-- baggy mind you-- not designed baggy-- just loose-- that i really didn't want to wear. i wanted BLACK. i have a pair or two that are black-- but couldn't find them anywhere. and i looked everywhere. ugh.

but it worked out. we thought the place we were going was gonna be all fancy and everyone would be dressed up etc-- we get there-- and people are wearin T-Shirts ! dammit. i wish i woulda known that. no, i wouldn't have worn a t-shirt-- but i sure wouldn't have been as stressed as i was about what i was gonna wear.

alright, so now that you've heard of my disdain of clothes shopping... (sorry)

dinner was very good. it was at a brazilian steak house place. where they cut your meat at your table, and feed you til ya can't move-- or if you wanted to-it's near impossible. and boy did we EAT. it was soo good. wanna peek? k..

here-- is where we ate--

here is MY round 1
salad bar to die for !

round 2-
i ate it all-
and more

and even DESSERT(half a turtle cheesecake slice-)

it was sooo damn good !

and we had a great time there.

although, some guy-- was LOOKIN at me the entire time-- for over an HOUR!
ooh i hated that. i don't know why he was lookin at me..he was with his family at the table across from us-- but stared at me all through dinner. it really bothered me. but oh well. i'm sure he got a kick outta THIS:

(my gifts -- only ME y'all... it cracks me up sometimes, the stuff soulman buys for me. :)) but i have actually wanted this for a while--just been too cheap to buy one for myself.. :))

obviously, on the right is a little bear-(from soulkid)
soulkid insisted i name him..
he is now "Soul"
i figured hell, i won't be soul forever-- so why not.
she liked it. and so do i.

as for the one on the left--
it is from soulman..
and it is a fish scale LOL

i couldn't help myself but to say---
"fish scales? you bought me fish scales?"

well, now he thinks i don't like--or want them, and said i could take them back-- but actually-- i need them. and will use them, and he's right-- i would never buy expensive scales.
we got some cheap ass scales last year that were never right-- and now they are in a box somewhere.
now i'll know when i get that 5 pounder !

ok folks..
i have more to say-- but i have a hot date-- so i gotta go for now.

not really a date-- another F'N dr.
this medical and doctor crap is gonna kill me some day.
just the thought of going -- makes me wanna ---
well, i don't know what it makes me wanna.
it surely makes me NEVER want to see another doctor in my frickin life though.
no one has a clue how sick i am gettin of this.
i'm at the point i'm ready to just quit tryin... let whatever it is that is attacking me.. do it--
cuz the mother fuckin doctors aren't doin a damn thing besides passing me around from one to the other.
and i ammmmm sooooo tired of it.

i reckon i will be back later with part two of this.
cuz i gotsta get UP.