Saturday, June 23, 2007

wedding day memories

ola peeps...

yep... that would be me... very close to fifteen years ago ! july 1st 1992 to be exact. my wedding day. i actually haven't changed a whole lot , appearance wise. except, i had some pretty nice legs there eh? LOL
NOT anymore. afterall... they are 41 years old now. life is hard for us old people.

anyhow... you may be wondering why THAT picture? WHY now? well... the thing is... as i was blog traveling yesterday, i came across a "sickeningly" sweet post about a blog pals' eleventh anniversary. ( i honestly mean that in a good way!)
she mentioned her wedding day... how she was pre wedding dress clothed... in sweat pants etc. when she unexpectedly ran into her husband to be. she was embarrassed for him to see her looking like that on their wedding day... yet he told her she was beautiful. he meant it, she knew he meant it... and she knew that marrying him was right... even through the butterflies and doubt.
therefore, it brought me back to my own wedding day. i had always been so careful... or perhaps even afraid, when it came to men and long term relationships or commitment. argh... huge word. a life time? OMG. nothing in my life had been permanent by that time in my life. NOTHING ... not even my first child. GOD how would i marry someone...and stay that way? i was petrified... but at the same time... i knew that he was "the one".
so anyhow, when she mentioned how she was dressed, and how he felt, and viewed her in his matter how she felt..or how anyone else may have felt about how she looked... she was his beautiful bride... the woman he would spend his life with. and her little story just made me think of how i was dressed, and how fun it all was, and how in love i was... and how hubby said i was beautiful.... even when i came home from working on aircraft engines, covered in grease and sweat.... he loved me...and i knew it. and here we are a week away from the big 15! holy cow.

(ps: i have made my rounds, and all my comments are updated...woo hoo!)