Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hodgepodge in a hurry - (plus dr. update)

don't ya love it when i'm in a hurry?
you know you won't be suckered into readin nonsenical babble for a half an hour. i apologize for doin that-- but you know you love it -- sometimes. :))
but really-- i am runnin short on time right now. i need to get ready to take the kid to school, then head to a dr. appointment right after that.
and yeh, she did come home sick yesterday. she did act like she didn't feel well... but i wonder. ya know. she seems ok today. course i haven't 'seen' her yet. she's upstairs gettin ready. but i don't know. anyhow-- it's work and time that she has to make up-- not me. so whatever. sick or not-- it's her time.

so-- lemmee start with this:

the dog- pit bull that my nephew in jax florida found a couple days ago-
he is nursing him back to health, and takin him for a vet check -- prolly a microchip check etc too-- he may be lost and starved on his own, and really not abused like most of us think.
my nephew is a young man, who doesn't have a lot of extra money to take care of this dog like this awaiting his safe adoption-- so- i'll follow my sisters lead -- and put up this link here--- please, if at all possible, if you can find it in your heart, send a small donation for the care and vet visit of 'Skeletor". so he doesn't find himself gettin the needle before his time. he has a friendly and loving disposition. my nephew wants to keep the dog, but he has his own pets, and a homeowners association. he is unable to keep skeletor. this poor dog deserves a good home.
please help wes nurse him back to health and find him a home. without help from us , he may not be able to even keep him that long.

thanks in advance folks:


just go there and drop of a few bucks-- you know it's goin to a good cause.

and hey, besides that--- i will personally volunteer that for every 50.00 raised for the care of skeletor--

each nephew will pull some wild stunt such as this ---
this photo is wes-- floridian in chicago-- just love him :)) this has to be worth the first donation; no? you know it is :))

(as a matter of fact-- yes,
"it" does run in the family :))

and, on that happy note- i am out of time- if i get any reportable news-- which i hope to-- from the dr today-- i shall update latah---

happy tuesday folks-


dr. update - and maybe more

ok, i'll drink to that.
they're all horses asses.
dr jekyll's , mr hydes, and nurse ratcheds'
every last one of em.
i must say, that i have gotten more doctors off their lazy ass,
and more answers that have led to diagnoses -
of and on my own, than any of the so called doctors that i have ever seen.
except for ONE.
can you believe that?
ONE doctor out of maybe literally 100 + of them?
over a span of possibly 16 years or more.
that is pure insanity.
from both sides.
if i were to include physical pain here-- such as the back pain, and migraine headaches? we could be talkin about a span of 22 years ! several of those years being active duty navy- or a military wife. meaning -- also more military dr's.. then after that? VA hospitals-- more military treatment - of low budget- hurry up and wait. "we don't have time for complicated cases-- so get the hell out and take what you get." but-- i also have to admit here , that the ONE doctor that actually probably saved my life, and did find a diagnosis and starting point with my multitude of physical problems, was at a VA hospital in New Mexico. yes i know. the place i often refer to as Hell. because mentally and emotionally-- living there has both times-- landed me in a very bad mental state-- and the last time in approximate '05, damn near physically killed me. i got so very sick. sick enough that we-- me, my dr (s), and my husband were searching for cancer. we almost thought i had it at one point .. and rather than be terrified-- like the rest of the family? i was relieved to give 'it' a name.
i was finally happy to know why i was shriveling up to nuthing. being unable to get out of bed. i needed to know what was wrong-- i didn't care what it was. but after a breast lump was removed and found to be benign? the family rejoiced-- while i found disappointment in starting at the beginning again. because i still didn't know what the hell was wrong with me. i continued to get sicker-- in every way imaginable. for no reason? WTF? the tests continued. until finally-- i got a diagnosis that i could live with, and manage. it was called addison's disease-- also known as adrenal deficiency. yeh i know- that's what i thought too. but they gave me meds and they helped in no time. i gained weight - i regained strength and energy. i felt alive again.
i however was still depressed about living in 'hell', and so did soulkid. that place is just not for us. of course soulman knew we went out there only because it's what he wanted-- to be near his family. he watched both of with our own different struggles, and not only us-- but he wasn't happy either. so- yes we packed up and came back home. to texas. not that many of the physical and emotional problems haven't followed any of the three of us--- for the most part it was a very much needed move we had to make. for so many different reasons. some of those are resolved now-- and some were even life threatening- as some of you know.

so. here i am.... babblin like a brooke-- too bad i aint fishin eh?
ya still with me peoples? sorry bout all the yackin... just a little background for some folks who don't know the whole story.
i'm gettin closer to today tho--i

so anyhow--- gettin more to the point-- i mentioned recently-- that for the past three years or so- i have been seeing a nurse practitioner, rather than the real endocrinologist md - or whatever he is. MD PA whatevah--

i saw the show mystery diagnosis a few weeks ago-- which lit a fire under my ass - that i was gonna demand to see the real dr-- or move on to a new place altogether. i was fed up with seeing this NP - that knows less than i do about this whole thing one more time. so i fixed all that and rescheduled my upcoming appointment to be with him. it pushed me back some. but it was worth the wait.

so--- in the meantime-- i'd watched the tv show-- portraying a lady with 16 years of hell-- many similar if not exact symptoms such as mine-- her diagnosis? an adrenal tumor. hmmmm. aside from demanding to see the real dr-- i also hit dr google up for some answers.

but wait-- there's more-- sorry y'all, there's always more tho- isn't there?
it's cuz i'm me. you know that. right?

well, it just so happened - that my appointment - for some reason, i forgot- got changed , again, by the office, and was pushed back by another week--
that didn't bother me.. i think it had something to do with the ten inches of snow last week or something- anyhow--

during the wait-- i somehow stumbled upon a 'new to me'.... disease-- or syndrome or some such thing. i only found it like three or four days ago. and i really don't know how. i don't remember what i was 'lookin ' for. but it wasn't that. OH-- i know-- it was images! somehow- i came across some images -- while not looking for these images-- but i saw them.
here-- lemmee show ya--

see the more reddish ones?
some i know look like bruises- but some are red kinda-
well - good ole nurse practitioner - tells me like a year or more ago, when the begin to appear on my arms and legs - that they are broken blood vessels/ you have thin skin/ nuthin to worry about/ etc. i of course over a period of time try to find more info- ask other doctors etc-- i can't find a thing- or get any answers- so i finally accept that "it's nuthin to worry about."

UNTIL-- i stumble onto that photo--- it happens to be a symptom--one of many -- of "Bechet's disease" -- well, i'll be damned. it does happen to be blood vessel related - forgot what the page i found it on called that specific 'condition'. but guess what else is included -- or involve with 'bechet's' ? no guessers? lemmee help ya out k? -

1-let's call em 'cheetah spots - yup
2-vasculitis - yup-- i have that in my head - and apparently these mystery spots are due to that too 'vasculitis'
3-brain lesions - yup - found on MRI after second seizure
4-seizures- umm yup (x3)
5-central nervous system 'issues/pain -- yup y'all know that
6-recurrent oral ulceration (abtheous ulcers) is the characteristic symptom for the diagnosis of Behçet disease
Weight loss
Generalized weakness
Headache / migraines
Decreased temperature
Clinical features - arthritis-have been reported as pain, tenderness, swelling, limitation of joint movement, warmth, and morning stiffness.
pulmonary vascular thrombosis -- such as the lung clot -

o Acquired hypersensitivity to streptococcal antigens plays an important role in the etiopathology of Behçet disease.

y'all do remember me sayin more than once that "i can look at someone with strep- and get sick?
in fact-- when i got the lung clot-- it was because i was sick with mono- and strep at the same time-- = 5 days in bed. at least that's what we all thought.

so. i told the doc all of this-- and i will see a rhumatoid doc for a Pathergy (skin hyperreactivity) test. which is a prick on the forearm-- seems like it's similar to a TB test - only different :))

and when that's done-- i'll let ya know what happens-

but if it's positive-- and by the looks of the symptoms-- which i have like 99.9 % of?
i'm not feelin too hopeful. there's no cure-- and if this is what i have, at the 'stage i am at- with the brain and CNS involvement? well. do the math.

of course-- soulman and soulkid don't read here very much- if at all-- so if possible-- let's keep this between us k?

they like to be in the dark-- believe it or not.

so - i'll let ya know when i get stuck-at the rheumatoid doc i mean.

til then-
hope ya get some sunshine in your world-- i'm lookin for it-