Saturday, March 1, 2008

oh i think someone better call soulman


i love this kid

is it cuz he's cute and funny, and a little fruity? (no offense- i like fruity)
OR is it cuz simon is a ASS?

i think this kid will be in the top three.. and the other young boy just might win. the one that sang the lennon song. he's a cutie too.
regardless-- i think a guy will win this season.
as for the girls-- i like the nanny-- she's good and i like her sweetness. for her age-- you just don't see that very much any more. and i haven't heard anybody sing carly simon in years. well.. aside from carly simon. :))

am i just OLD??

wanna check out my new ride???

how do ya like THAT???? soulman could build that for me. :))
slap some rod holders on the side???? oh heck ya-- i'd be the coolest gal in soulland-- dontcha think?
LOL.. oh you know i'm just kidding. but it is pretty cool.

i do wanna know what in the world i am gonna do if i really do lose my drivers license for six months. i know i'm a homebody for the most part-- but there are times i like to get out---and places i do like to go-- and now is the time that i like to do them the most- the weather is changing-- and spring and summer is what i live for!!!
this whole idea is depressing.

i'm trying not to let it be-- but how can it not be???
oh.. someone give me a tissue. :))

anyways-- it's not all that bad. hubby has been really great about the whole thing..and so has soulkid. almost too great. they are very concerned-- too concerned. i made a joke the other day and called soulman my "manny" (nanny)-- he didn't like it a whole lot-- but he did get a chuckle out of it. they both are very overprotective. i understand why--and i am sure i would be the same way if it were one of them. it's just so strange. i have been quite the isolator for a very long time, and had a lot of time to myself-- no one ever really minded. we all kind of do our own thing around here. maybe that's not the greatest way to be... but it's the way things have been... and for it to change so suddenly-- and have to leave my door open... or be asked if i'm ok, when i yawn--or if the dog makes a funny noise-- or just things like that-- it's just kind of weird.

i try to take it with a grain of salt though, and hope when all the tests are back, they will find that it was due to some kind stress-- or the flu-- or something.. non-epileptic. ya know? from what i've read-- people can have a seizure--not related to epilepsy-- and never have another.
even the ER doc said "everyone is allowed one free seizure".
yes that sounded odd to us too-- but i'll take it.

i can't help but worry-- but we all are trying hard not to. guess we shall just wait n see eh?
it would be a lot easier to not worry-- if my brother and mom didn't have seizures. but it is known to run in families. and my mom's were a late onset. she didn't have convulsions.. but my bro did. he had them from a young age-- hers were called partial complex. i never witnessed hers, and am not even sure what they are. but anyhow-- i guess i should know more next week when the results are in.

as for now-- i'm gonna try to stop talkin about this crap-- but in order to do that-- i'll have to stay awake and DO something other than stay at home. dontcha think??

"i wanna be normal..i wanna go out to lunch"

y'all have happy days today !!!