Friday, May 1, 2009

43 and holding -- forever... NO more birthdays for me !

well folks, i have just had my final birthday. i see no sense in celebrating this body of mine turning to mush one more year. every morning becomes more difficult and painful to roll out of bed, and into the kitchen -- or the back door to let the dogs out.
every year, it seems one or more pills is added to my cocktail of pills of a breakfast. but i can't move or think without them. hell, i don't too great with em either.
my vision and memory are going -- not even annually-- just going. on a regular basis.
so, i've called a stop to my birthdays. i need no more reminders of my age. i feel 89 -- so i'll just be whatever age i feel for that day.

i declared my last birthday on wednesday. my memory, and pain, and energy level were all so bad--- i called off the going out to dinner. not only for those reasons-- but also because it has become so routine. every year - for the past 17, that's what we do. we go out to some expensive meal, eat too much, come home fat and lazy, and bitch about about it for the next three days. so i said i didn't want to go out this time, i'd rather fish for a little while, have some steaks on the grill, maybe watch a movie --or go to one, maybe play a game. just a family night at home. we'd eat less, spend less, and not have to get dressed up--- or regret spending 150.00 bucks-- just to eat--well, over-eat. and then complain about how awful we felt whole rest of the night.

welp folks- i have to take the kid to school-- so i shall return soon.
there will be a short pause in your programming . :))

your short pause has turned into a three hour pause--- cuz i forgot i was posting ! so when i got back i started going over banks and payin bills, and makin business calls, all that fun stuff that takes me all day. i'm still actually in the middle of it, -- it's takin longer cuz all my bill bookmarks are gone, so i have to find them and bookmark em again. ugh. but then i remembered i needed to finish this post. i swear i have early altzheimers. i just don't like that word much.

which brings me back to my birthday. thanks again for all the happy birthdays. i know y'all have more important things goin on in your lives. so thanks for thinkin about me.

it was just a old lady day. hubby went out and got some really nice lookin--HUGE steaks. for some reason, i can control my eating at home better than i can when we go out. i seem to eat much more when we go out. dinner was delicious. but it lacked the usual cheesecake. i missed it too--- but hubby is still rockin on diet-- and he woulda been tempted, so it was ok. it was still good.
and one of soulkids friends came over-- she brought me a card-- and some peanut butter m&m's :)) so you know i pigged out on those --- behind closed doors. my secret love affair.
huby got me some real pretty roses-- i say thy're yellow with red--- he says they're white with red. one of us is color blind. :)) but they are gawgeuos , and he got me a talking card with mr rodgers on it-- which cracked me up.
we did go fishin, but not for long.. the wind was a bitch. and soulkid called about half an hour after we got there cuz she got out of school early. so he left to go get her. we had both vehicles, so i stayed for about another half hour or so-- and finally caught a fish. he's not much to speak of--- but he's a fish. my birthday fish.

i shall dedicate him to Debbie--- as her award she worked so hard to receive -

I read it ALL in one sitting


so yep that's my birthday.
i ate, i napped, i chilled, i got spoiled, hubby washed the dishes, made the coffee, grilled the steaks, (not in that order of course), and by the time it was over i was too old and tired and fat to play games and watch movies --- so i went to bed, just like the old boring hag that i am.

happy friday peoples !!!!