Friday, February 29, 2008

goo-lawd -- i'm bawd!!!

dammit-- i'm blind and comatose!

howdy folks----
yep-- i slept late again...
my life is passing me by-- will it ever change? it has to right? hopefully soon! one can sleep all the time for only so long right?

so anyhow-- i woke up closer to six than 4 again. there was a time that i wanted to sleep in on occasion-- but lately it is ruining my entire morning routine. and i am not likin it! not only that-- it is ruining my entire daily routine as well. it's horrible. how do people live like this? i'm afraid i'm gonna end up with damn bed sores!!! :)) i hope not.
anyhow-- i'm doin the best i can.
hopefully i'll get it together SOON.
maybe the med change is causing problems too. who knows.

but-- how bout THIS???
i just realized--- our eye appointments-- that took over a year to FINALLY schedule-- since all three of us are freakin BLIND--- well... they were scheduled for MONDAY. guess what--- monday-- is also the day-- and the same TIME that the friggin EEG is scheduled! mine is last-- and if i could drive-- i could take myself to that , and the other two could get theirs done.. BUT nooooo----- they can't do that cuz i can't drive. so now all three of us, have to reschedule our eye appointments. UGH. and i still haven't heard back for the MRI appointment time. i hate to be kept waiting.
i feel like veruca salt at times like this
Daddy I want it NOW!!!

i love that movie.
(willy wanka--the original..with the blueberry girl. :)))

welp-- i reckon that's about it--
unless ya wanna hear about one of my aunts disowning me-- (totally out of the blue--no questions asked)-- that's a story that could only come from MY family. UGH. i think i shall keep it out of least the details-- maybe-- well, at least for now... but really-- it's cuz i'm me. and it's sooo ridiculous... and uncalled for really. talk about blindsided. geesh, i get sick for a couple weeks.. and someone feels offended. hmmm. some peoples' kids. i tell ya.
but i will tell ya this-- it's not "auntie J"... :))

ok well
i will ttyl

happy FRIDAY!!!