Tuesday, March 16, 2010

better late than never . right? maybe not.

road trip fail

hi folks .
yep-- i am sposed to be on the road by now. off on my mystery adventure with soulkid. umm, obviously, i am not. or i should say, we are not. yet. several things have interfered with our plans.
senility being 1 of those things.

then; being side-tracked with a separate road-trip i have been planning -
for JUNE , somehow, took precedence of this so much sooner trip.
but i did finally get at least our- me and soulkids- first day and night are worked out.
but we are STILL at home-- and wanted to be on the road by 8 ! uhhhhhhhh.

had to mess with friggin at&t for an hour -- dammit-- all three of our phones are not workin-- the bill is paid-- but i have to leave with no phone service :(( ga-reat !
at least 9-1-1 will work if i need anything like road service- or h-e-l-p. i hope.

so anyhow-- i don't have time to write much else-- i'm not real good with gettin laptops to workin hotels-- but i'll bring it ad try to update and put up photos etc. if y'all don't hear from me-- i can get email on my phone-- the internet works on there-- just not the phone. sigh.

ok-- i am outta heah--

hope to talk with ya soon.. like as in tonight. on here or facebook-- if i can.

if not -- i shall be home friday night.

until then--
ore vois :))

and happy trails :))