Monday, March 10, 2008

ya know, it sure is difficult to come up with stuff with to write about when ya almost never leave the house! my brain is total mush. i'm SICK of tv. i don't like tv anyhow-- and i have really had it up to "here" with it already. most days i don't even turn it on. and of course blockbuster never has anything worth a damn.. not than i have even been there more than once or twice since i have been house-bound anyhow. ugh. i have been so flippin bored i can't stand myself.

thank God-- we get to go out of town this weekend... new walls, new stuff, new lake to fish on, etc etc etc. yep-- our trip to Austin that we postponed when i was sick..we leave on friday for. just til Sunday .. but still.. it's new, and different-- and NOT here. :))
i'm still very glad that we didn't go when we were supposed to. number one-- i felt like hell... and number two-- there is a very good chance i could have been driving when i had the seizure. scary to think about. even if i wasn't driving, and just riding-- it could have been distracting enough to cause hubby to wreck. he had a good eye on wednesday when he canceled -- even though i played tough and said -- "oh no, i'm fine".. ha.. that was the same night i started barfing everything that came in contact with my mouth. ugh. so glad that's over with.

so anyhow--- yes, it will be very good to get outta here for a couple days. i am so sick of this house i could scream! maybe i will.

hubby is off work today. he has to play chauffeur for me today. i'm behind on everything again.
good lord, i hope i can get my drivers license back SOON. i'm hoping it won't be a big hassle-- seein as the MRI came back ok.. we shall see .

well anyhow-- that's the thrilling stuff o' the day around here-- for now.

perhaps something blogworthy will come along latah-- if so-- i will let ya know-- if not-- well.. i will see ya tomorrow.

happy monday peeps