Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i smell onions-- and other dumb stuff in my world

it's true.  the damn rat -- i mean ground hog was right.  spring is about to sprung.  know how i know?  cuz i smell onions!  i mentioned this just before spring time last year too.  some might remember?  i had no clue why i smelled onions every time i walked outside .. until my neighbor told me.  it's wild onion - seed- or blossoms- or some such thing - blowin in the wind , then growing near by.   weird part?  i was just lookin - on google - for a pic of some to show you .. cuz i have yet to see any of the mysterious onions with the strong enough to knock ya down smell.  who knew there were so many varieties of a wild onion???  here's a few i found...

this is the kind i was lookin for --

not this --

or this ---

or any of the other 'flower lookin' ones i found online today.  i been lookin for a dang onion!  more like the top pic.  ugh.

anyhow---  sorry folks.  i have recently had a few folks check in on me.  so i figured i better get my butt in here and let y'all know i'm not smellin onions from under ground --- nope - i am still alive.  just not online a whole lot.

not much explanation to that is there?  just been doin other things.  nothin personal folks -- i've missed all of ya -- hopefully i can get to catchin up -- ehem.. shaddup -- i know i say that all the time -- sometimes it happens.  it won't be today tho -- lots to do -- actually OUT of the house.  i been out a lot lately actually.  surprised even me.  i think i'm back to hibernating tho. last couple days, i've hardly moved.  bleh.  no worries.  just a speed-bump.
i hope.  i was runnin 150 MPH this last month or so.  then .. whamo-- what happened?

i'm sure gettin out today will help.

i'll catchyall latah

hope all is well with y'all-

Friday, February 11, 2011

time flies when you aint lookin -

howdy my peeoples and peeple-ettes :))  how the hell have y'all been lately?
me?  busy.  very busy.  if not busy, then i been recoverin from busy.  some days - between the busy -- and the snow and ice storms --- pain and recoverin from pain has been number one on my agenda as well.  that or trudging thru the damn pain.  today is a pain day fo-shizzle.  to the point of bein glued to the couch all morning.  and looks like for the rest of this day as well.  so far - since i had to replace my car, after soulkid wrecking it - on new years eve day -- she has not been allowed to drive the new one.  i have done well in sticking to that rule.  today?  i was forced to give in.  i was supposed to drive her to work and pick her up -- i saw no way of driving today even being close to a possibility - in my physical state -- so i offered to let her drive my car.  of course she was thrilled -- me?  ugh.  that's the only word that comes to mind.  she has been driving her dads truck since the accident - on occasion... but my car? not once, since the day i got it.  whaaaa.

so-- if you aren't on face-book?  some wonderful things have happened for-and with my child in the last few weeks.   #1?  she graduated high school!  at the ripe old age of 16 !  before all of her friends...  they were all shocked, and jealous.  they all have the rest of the year - some a whole nuther year , before they graduate!  she surprised us all :))  not only did she complete 2 years of high school in FOUR months- she did it with 'high honors' !   when that girl sets her mind to it -- she can do anything.

days after her graduation -- she was hired at her very first job -- :))  for part time -- she is packin in the hours- (5-7 hours a day!)- workin very hard. she is well liked by all - from coworkers to upper management! 

i don't have a pic of her in her uniform yet -- but i don't think i need to tell you -- she is more than adorable in it !!!  - i will get one up heah soon.  but here's a hint --

no worries -- my soulkid is a GIRL - as most of you know.  i said a hint - and thought this one was kinda fun.  :))

she got a jeep - from us - for her grad present -- but it needed a lot more work - and parts than we were aware of -- and now - to ensure it to pass emissions - it needs a trip to a mechanic for a tune up---  which the bad weather -- mainly ice -- has pushed back til tomorrow --  but it will be road worthy by monday or tuesday -- registration and all.. it's already insured.  but it will be a welcomed relief - for all three of us when that is done.  and-- i was able to full coverage on it with a low deductible for less than 40 more a year --- than it would be for liability --- gotta say that's not much considering what it could cost if she needed to replace it in the first year.  let's all hope that is NOT the case tho.  i hope she has learned her lesson at being more careful at the wheel eh.

so -- do i sound proud of this girl or what?  she has done a full 180 this passed few months.  and i gotta tell ya -- this job is the best thing that has ever happened to her -- her habit of respect at work -- has carried over to home.  i'm lovin that you know!

hmm... i was gonna tell ya 'bout my pain, and my - what i think to be a manic-spending spree -- but i shall spare ya the deets til next time :))  kinda nice of me huh?  why turn a positive post into a cry baby post?  which really wasn't gonna whine too awful much -- but ya never know -- once i get on a roll - ya never know what ya might get -- :))

so.  things are actually goin pretty well overall around here.  i sure hope y'all are doin well in your worlds too!?

tell me bout it eh--  wussup?

happy friday peeps!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

fire and ice -- WTH is goinin on

howdy folks!  warm yet?  i'm sure not.  every day seems colder -- and icier.  in turn? causing me to be less and less productive, and more and ---- let's just say quiet.  i'm really not bein bitchy -- at least i don't see it -- if i do, it could be much worse, and has been in weather, and pain like this.  but lately i just go to bed early, or 'shut it down' when i hear- or feel conflict on the way.  i hate conflict and arguing as much or more than the cold.  and i've come to realize, its much easier to excuse myself from conflict - than it is from freezing ;))

so anyhow-- it is damn freezing here in tejas.  this is our fourth day in a row of black sundays!  businesses -- to include dr's offices -- between me and soulkid - two dr. appts have been re-scheduled due to this weather- over the last three days.  ALL schools have been shut down all week. flights out of both airports - in and out (DFW and Love field )  have been disrupted - if at all.  and oddly enough, there was a major fire in an apartment building i think yesterday -- and one three alarm fire on the news right now!  also a assisted living place had pipes bust and had to be evacuated of almost 80 old folks . 

we moved here days before soulkids 7th birthday -- almost 10 years ago -- this is the worst weather we have seen.  back then - she was about 8 or 9, we had a 'major ice storm' -- they shut down schools etc -- the entire town panicked etc -- but by day three everyone was laughin about it-- roads were clear and it was all 'fear of'.  this time?  the dogs don't even last more than 45 seconds outside!  me? i don't even try!  i won't walk to the mailbox -- kinda not new -- but this time it's not a mental thing -- this time i'm in fear of freezing before i make it back to the door!  :))

my fears of the now?  another rolling black-out --- which are now lasting up to 8 hours!  it's again -- feels like 4 outside!!!!  2nd?  my mommason flies in tomorrow morning -- sorta-- around 11 a.m.  there are still issues with flights -- NM - and here.... no tellin how that will go -- but there's no way i can drive - so now soulman has to get her after work -- which means -- she will have to sit at the airport for maybe three hours alone before he can get her!  IF her flight can go.  i feel so bad for that.  the plan was that i would pick her up-- but i get mental driving on ice -- due to a wreck on ice with soulkid when she was 5 -- and again a ice storm and a horrible three hour wait-drive over the santa rosa mountains in NM -- in frickin march years ago-- alone... sooo many horrible wrecks-- coronor vehicles-- one PT cruiser ripped right in half.  same trip i almost crashed twice myself on black ice. i just can't do it.  the last time i did?  was a couple years ago i went to iowa -- scared shitless -- snow-ice- losin my ass end.  i survived obviously-- but not without bein reminded -- ice on the road is not my friend!

SO.  was that too whiny?  wasn't meant to be-- just updatin .  flash-backin :~)

as far as my progress on my chores yesterday?   let's just say --- epic fail.  i got very little 'work' done.  i had some problems on an account or two-- payin bills online -- which took a lot of time-- i finally gave in and wrote checks -- which didn't make it to the mailbox yet :))  for reasons above.  bleh.   as for housework?  i'm down to my office.  soulman - due to his month long pneumonia, and vacation, and this week helpin with other stuff - and workin on soulkids jeep -- and a dozen other projects -- has still not got the floor trim laid in the office -- so i'm down to just givin in and puttin my furniture back in place and gettin things where they belong in there -- without the trim.  i hate that it won't look right -- but we'll just have to do it again when he does have time.  i've been a mess without my office-- and it sure hasn't helped the house-- i have 'portable offices ' all over the place.  so -- i didn't really get to that at all yesterday -- i must get it finished today now.  i just don't know if i have it in me.  maybe soulkid will piss me off or something.  anger is my second best motivation -- after company :))

ok -- did i miss anything?

stay warm peeps !!!!

poor dallas is sufferin big time for the weather -- superbowl week -- in an ice storm -- weeee?  just not makin the money they expected are they.  money grubbin- whooooors.  :))  that'll teach em to jack up all their prices.  :))  i do feel bad for the folks who paid a lot of money to get here and planed a good time - and are now trapped in their hotels.  other than that -- i hope the greedy learn a lesson. 

my dads most memorable quote--as a father of 4 girls -- what do greedy girls get? -- NUTHIN

i miss my daddy-

happy freezin thursday y'all -

oh-- about my recent cooking?  the kitchen has been so clean, it doesn't bother me.  i've missed my cookin-- but damn sure appreciate the families help!  i'd be starved for sure if they hadn't taken over the shopping and cookin this last year or so.  it's been a real self esteem booster lately to realize i CAN do these things still with a little mental steam and gusto though.  it sure has beeen a while since i've felt that in me!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

procrasti-soul is at it again

howdy folks-- what's up in y'alls worlds?  whatever it is , i hope you're not freezin to death !  here's what i woke up to this morning---  very much like yesterday morning -- except colder.  y'all know how much i love the cold don't ya???  i can't believe that only four days ago we hit 70 degrees!!!  i was in my own heaven - sittin on the edge of the pond fishin'.  y'all know that's when i'm my most content.  my happiest.  doin what i love, fishin in the warm sunshine -- without wind - or cold.  even though i didn't catch a thing -- i didn't care -- i didn't even try very hard.  i was in my happy place.
this last couple days?  i am in my true hell.  have a look ----

this is my most huge contempt in my world.  it makes me hateful, and it hurts me all over-- physically.  i cannot, and refuse to drive or go outside in this stuff.  there's an inch of ice on the roads.  the wind chill/ feels like is 4 !! actual temp? around 14 !!  yup i'm in hell !!!!  this is texas folks ! this just isn't supposed to happen here.  oh- and to make matters worse?  rolling blackouts !!  HERE? in the worst ice and snow we've had in maybe years -- they decide to -- without warning -- start freakin - "rotating power outages"  :((  they are 'supposedto last 15 minutes -- some have reported them as long as two hours.  the 'DART' system.. a train that runs in dalls - like a trolley on tracks kinda... was stranded in this freezin weather -  for over two hours due to power loss !  no warning -- it just shut down in transit - with passengers.  freezing!  my microwave and oven must be on some kind of -- somethin-- cuz i can't re-set em.  am i pissed?  umm you know it.  i'm only gonna get worse if it happens again.  if i end up freezin in my own house?   oooooh  --- someones gonna hear from me.  i know they won't care--- but i'll feel better :))

and ! they say stupid groundhog paxatuxy puke -- yeh i know-- i forgot his name --- but he predicted an early spring?  HA!  lets not celebrate too soon shall we?

so.  ya wanna know where soulkid got a job ehh?

Sonic.  i think it's an alright first job.  she will be a roller-skating car-hop... after two weeks training.  i told her she better get down to the skating rink and get to practicing !  she hasn't skated since she was -- maybe 12!  wish her much luck!

my house is almost finished -- but each day that passes - i get more and more slow-- ok-- exhausted and sore. (i'm sure the weather isn't helpin any ) -  we have made a ton of head-way in here .. and soulkid has been bustin her ass upstairs... but seriously?  with my limitations?  i have passed them all - like two days ago.  i last a lot less workin durin the day.  the first couple i was workin maybe 5 or 6 hours -- runnin like a freight train.. by yesterday?  i was lucky if i worked two hours.  i hope i can push through a little more than that today -- if i can , i might get all finished.  there's very little left to do.  i hope i finish, without collapsing.  that has happened in the past when i've pushed myself too far.

anyhow --- if i forgot anything - lemmee kow- and i'll cover it in the comments .

happy days to y'all in your worlds--
surprisingly, my mood has been great -- it's just my body that's havin a tough time here and  God made drugs for that :))