Monday, May 26, 2008

clownin around with the fishies ---

hello again....

oh yuk.. that just put that 100 year old Lionel richie song in my head that i have always hated. what happened to my redneck greeting? the good ole howdy folks-- or somethin...
oh well.. what's done is done... at least it's not jingle bells or "the sun'll come out
to- mor- roooowww."

LOL... can y'all tell yet that i'm just TRYIN to drive you insane?

ok, anyways... i just thought i would jump in here real quick with my fishin report o' the day-- just in case you care :))

and jamie/simonsays.. might-- cuz when i got back, she had left a note , sayin for me to catch her a big one. ( i have like NO memory-- she might have said giant-- hell , i don't know.. but she did want a big fish-- so, i thought i'd post him for her.)

and, i figured-- well hell, while i was at it, why not just post em all... so i did.

i lost more than i caught today. that has never happened to me at the pond before. lakes-- yes. the pond..never. i actually saw three of them.. watched them shake loose, and flop off right there before my very eyes... it was sickening. we're talkin two pound bass. just enough to make me barf. ok, not barf. cry. ok, not cry. mad. yep, it made me mad. and i ended up fishin way too long because of it.

but anyhow--- in order to not be mad and in a bad mood while fishin, i was actin silly when i would catch a fish. as you can see--

i had a really good time, i just wore myself down .. it was real cloudy and windy-- but not so windy that it made me mad... it was really nice out today. i couldn't force myself to leave til i was in physical agony. that's pretty bad isn't it? but hey-- it was fun.

if i would have changed to a sharper hook sooner-- i just might have had those three i lost-- i lost them in the first twenty minutes i was there-- i woulda had six like these...or bigger. sickening, i say .

here's your fish Jamie !!!

well hell---

i have been up for almost three hours already-- and made my rounds-- well most of em anyhow--
seems everyone is sleeping--or perhaps out of town maybe ? but nobody is cruisin least not around here.
sooooo... all's quiet on the soul - front-- so i think i'm gonna go fishin!
i've already drank almost a pot of coffee, and done some chores even.
not much else to do... unless i wanna actually get down to the scrubbin of floors and toilets-- and y'all know i just don't even wanna go there. at least NOT at 630 a.m. --- hell, i never wanna go there.. lol.
anyhow-- it is on my list-- but not this early.

i do seem to be getting somewhat caught up on my horrid list. it has done nuthin but grow and piss me off, and make me feel worthless-- for weeks, but over the last week or so, i have managed to pick away at it, little by little and actually am beginning to see some progress. and that makes me feel much better about things.

well-- except my blog. man - o -man. it's a sad state of affairs around here as far some of these posts go aint it? i just don't know what to say about that. not much more to say than i already have. all i can do is try to be better about it. anyone whose been around a while knows by now-- when i don't feel good, or don't do much-- the writing suffers-- big time.
i hate it as much as you do. so i'm workin on it. and i'm workin on me too. just tryin to get myself to feeling better. and thinkin better. my frame of mind ya know. i think all the recent med issues have once again got me all stressed out or something-- then made me all tired -- or something. then all my important things.. like home and business have been neglected.. then it pressured me mentally-- and you know how all that snowballs a person.
or maybe just me? but anyhow-- i'm sorry if i have been too whiney-- or nonsensical around here. i know some of these posts could have been half as long and said as much as they needed to.

and as for y'all.. you know what they say about good intentions....
i try tho-- dammit. one day i get to everyone-- the next i get to one or two-- or none at all.
it sure isn't personal.. and i hope it doesn't bother any of you as much as it bothers me.

so anyhow---
the sun is up--the weather is fine-- and i am outta heah!

happy monday to you all...

tell me what your plans are for today!
whatever you're doin-- be safe and have FUN!