Sunday, December 14, 2008

sister update

oh gawd y'all-- you'll never guess what the curse has brought upon my sister THIS time. i can't believe it myself-- oh but i can, because stuff like this happens to us all the time.

she has arrived at her destination safely-- BUT
"they" held Cavuto !!! they won't release him either. they could keep him up to six months-- because they can't locate the microchip-(inside of him)
oh gawd. i can just see my poor sister .

i don't know how they can't find his microchip-- let's just hope for her sake they find it--- and very soon.


she's gone , gone, gone, gone

yep y'all, my sis is off to England. i don't even know for sure if she's landed yet. but her flight was supposed to , and as far as i know , took off yesterday at 4:40 p.m. -- she found out at the last minute that it was fully booked too. she was sooo not thrilled about that. i wouldn't be either. i hate to be all cramped in a small place with a bunch of strangers. ugh. even a full elevator is bad. but a airplane - for a very long time? with someone drooling, and snoring, and tryin to talk to ya? oh gawd it would kill me. i wonder how she's doin.

y'all should have seen her about her cats. you'd think she had three real live infants with her. they had to spend their time here in my bedroom walk in closet.. which is actually huge. they had plenty of room, but barely came out of their crates anyhow. but still, she was in there every twenty minutes to check on them. she made us keep our bedroom and bathroom door closed so her screaming scaredy cats wouldn't hear the "tapping" of the dogs nails on the wood floor"... :))
when we got to the cargo place yesterday to put them on the plane... i actually felt bad for her. i have teased her for years about how she is about her "babies" but really-- i thought she might fall on the floor and cry- real tears" by the time we left there--- an hour later. ugh.
but on the way in, i carried one cat crate, and she carried one, then she went back out for the other cat--- when she got back , the guy had already taken the first two ! she was like-- where are they???!!! i told her he took em.. she looked all pitiful, the he came out and took the one she had.
oh boy. she was kidless. and the whole time we were there we could hear them crying back there behind the door.

well, we finally got to leave after what felt like an eternity. who knew it would take so long to get cats checked in?? ugh.
but we leave-- and i swear. over the next two hours, she brought those cats up over 100 times. you'd think she was never gonna see em again.
so anyhow, from there we went to her gate, and got her seat assignment and checked her bag, then we went to eat lunch, so we could steal at least a little more time together. she thought i was gonna just dump her off right then.. i was like umm , no. she still had like three hours before her flight was gonna bored.
so we got her checked in etc, and went to find a place to eat-- and to our surprise found a place we could even smoke in. woo hoo.
we killed quite a bit of time there, and got her back to her gate where she would maybe spend not more than an hour an a half at her gate. maybe even less. before boarding. i tried to make it be less than an hour, but there's just not a lot to do near an airport.

so, we said our goodbyes -- that were not as easy as i thought they would be. i will miss her.
and off she went.
then i came home, feeling like a deflated balloon --- that had been beat about the head and shoulders :))
i laid in bed and didn't get up til about 5 this morning.
i don't even remember feeling anything when she went to sweden. i don't even remember where i lived or what was going on in my life. call me a selfish bitch-- but i don't.
but this time. it's a lot different. this time i really feel her absence. already.
our visit was short-- but i really am happy that i got to see her before she left.

well.. i don't really have much else to say right now.

so i'll try to catchya latah