Wednesday, June 20, 2012

still kickin

ola my peep-le

how's it goin?  i am still around. altho ya might not know it by my lack of blogging lately.  i have been a busy girl.

i got back from vacation maybe a week ago -- girls-week, that is. and it has taken me that long to - only almost catch up. man, i don't think i should leave town for that long again.  five days maybe, but 7-8 is apparently too long.  physically it kicked my ass, and in business, yup there too.
also while i was away -- hubby decided to buy a boat !  it's a very nice boat  i'll give him that.  wanna see it?

not the greatest pic - but it is a nice boat - AND it books out at around 5,000 more than we paid for it.
good job soulman!

it took a lot of convincing for him to get out of hot water - but as soon as i saw the cracked transom on OUR boat (that neither of us knew about til i was gone) - - i was perfectly fine with his decision.  and finding out that he had our boat sold already, made it even sweeter. ( i don't know why he didn't begin his speel with those things... men.)

anyhow - girls week was a ton of fun -- i met the girls in eureka springs for two days - then to hot springs where my sister lives, then we went to a yurt for overnight -which i think was the best of all ! -- 
my aunt went missing ! like as in literally MISSING!  MIA type missing.  we called the police and everything.  it was crazy. but in the end she was ok, :)).  she had forgot what day it was, and was with her sister picking berries  :)) she was supposed to meet us - and no one heard from her -- or could reach her by phone, for two days ... yeh.. IT does run in the family  :))

i am still NOT smokin - i am still on the electronic ciggie.  knock on wood.  since mothers day :))  doin well with it.  the soulfam is proud of me , and i am too.  i like it better than cigs.  it tastes better.. no smell, no fear of burnin the house down.. y'all know i was bad about fallin asleep with cigs :((  no more of that.  

things are good.  i could use some energy.  i don't know what's up with that.  before girls week i was real full of energy.  since then i am suffering from a lot of pain, and burn out.  i hope that passes.  soon.  

hubby and i have our big 20 anniversary vacation planned !  our very first anniversary without the child.  it will be interesting.  i still wonder if we will survive it without -- (A)- coming home early in worry -- or (B) - thinkin too much about her and not bein able to focus on what we are doin.  
we are heading to lake falcon for our very first even overnight away from home/ childless trip in 18 years.  bah !  wish us -- and her luck  :))  (she won't be alone - she will have a friend with her and her doggies.)

anyhow here are a few pix from girl-week 2012-- enjoy --
click on em to make em bigger -

a beautiful cat who loves to be in  pix 
at 'turpentine creek' in eureka springs

 this is all of us with my aunt - eureka springs

 vickie and my aunt - who went MIA  :))

 soul chillin - i'm on a boat !

i'm so damn easy to please !
me, sorting tackle at the yurt

 they toilet papered me at at the yurt ! :))

too far away pic - me and my sis - at clearwater creek
(our childhood playground)

(out of order - taken right before i left)

me and my sis on her boat

 my sis and vickie on the boat


and a final treat -- my soulman  :))
(right after i got home :))
even soulman can't understand me.  :))
but he loves me anyhow

y'all take it easy -- and have a happy day in your worlds today !!!!