Thursday, April 17, 2008

so much to do - so little time-

and boy oh boy will i be in hell today !

first, we have
dish hell !

then of course

then the fun of giving my money away begins---
(well, what's left of it,
and actually, much of it, overflowing into tomorrows payday :((

with -

and of course it's grocery day-
i've put it off far too long-
at least soulman will go to push the cart- phew !

next, will be the fun of
(pre- upper-GI test blood work)
can we say woo hoo ! ?

and THEN-
IF i happen to be lucky enough to be still standing, or breathing after that -
soulman and i MUST get all this furniture moved around.
we have a couch in the garage that has to go where the couch i sold was-
the bed that was in my doorway, now sits where the old couch was--
and IT needs to go to the guest room
where a twin bed now sits--
which needs to go-- somewhere...
storage? garage? goodwill? church? curb?
anyone want a bed??
we also have a dresser in the guestroom that soulkid wants in her room.
AND - a shelf in the hallway that she took out of her room, to make room for the dresser !
anybody want to come help ???

AND--- i bet y'all know already

is where we would MUCH rather be than doin ANY of this other crap !

such is life i spose.

i was crippled with a headache yesterday and did absolutely nothing !
(i did cook dinner- but that got me nowhere really with all this other stuff-- or with y'all-
so i have LOTS of catchin up to do)

see ya later--

if i didn't make it to your place this mornin-- don't be offended---
i'll get there--
if i make it through the day!

i hope you all have happy days in your worlds today--
i'll do my best here