Monday, June 9, 2008

has anybody seen my REM sleep ???

i am so out of stuff to write about, it's just sick.
i think i'm five or six days runnin on very little to almost no sleep -- at night-- and what i do sleep in the day is crap. i wake up-- or get woke up so often , it can't be called sleep anyhow. the naps are are short and interrupted. i need a vacation.. or a straight jacket ! really. i'm gettin a bit nutty. not in a too- bad way-- yet. but it is gettin to where i make sure i'm wearing pants when i walk out the front door ! i'm not kidding either. that is part of my leave the house checklist...

keys, check
cigs, check
drink, check,
purse, check
pants, check

etc... it's baaaad.
i'm beginning to worry.
but there's not much i can do about it. not any more than i do now.

so anyhow-- aside from that---

summer school starts today--- she goes from 9-10 this time. beats 8-9 -- for all concerned.
apparently she can test out on friday. if she passes the test this friday-- we get half our money back-- and she gets to quit going-- with a passing grade -- woo hoo. she's pretty set on passing it. let's hope so. i really want her to enjoy her summer-- and i want to enjoy mine too-- without having the summer weekends cut short-- a couple of them.. like fathers day-- and another one-- i was hoing for out of town three day-ers.. but if she has school on those mondays we can't do that-- if she can get out with that test-- we will all be free to do whatever we want-- long weekends -- or whatever. and the money would be nice too. :)) i think she's quite capable-- if she pays attention, and applies herself-- it's just a wait n see i spose.

also-- we have been talking about going on a real vacation this passed few days. we haven't had a real vacation since she was like 7 years old when we went to san antonio and south padre. that was a lot of fun for all of us. we had like a week or ten days..and drove to san antonio-- for a night or two-- then south padre for like four--then back to san antonio for one or two--then back home. we had such a blast!

since then, we've been to NY for like 5 days or a week.. but only spent like two days of it site seeing.. the rest was soulman working while me and soulkid were trapped carless at the hotel room.. in FREEZING weather. we enjoyed the time we did spend out-- but really my strongest memories there? i had just had my front tooth pulled, i got a sinus infection, i was freezing, and soulkid was a grumpy little thing. it wasn't a great time, but it was ok.

so yep-- we are ready for some time. of course-- she will bring a friend--and totally ignore us the entire time. :)) but it won't be HERE. we're talkin about goin to chorpus christi and stayin at the beach. soulman wants to go to pensacola-- but i vote chorpus-- pensacola is twice as far-- and just too much time in the car for me. i would be no fun after that much time in the car. i just don't travel well anymore.

hmmmm.... what else?
fishin? i may go here in a little while-- after soulkid heads out. it doesn't look like the wind is too bad this morning. it is supposed to rain, however. ha.. if it aint one thing it's another- right? but i can handle a little rain-- just don't know how the fish will do. catfish do ok in the rain.. but bass kinda shut down sometimes. and i do not want catfish. :O so i need to wait and see how it looks after a while.

soooo.. that's about it for now.

i did think of a little story i want to tell y'all last night. i'll wait til later tho. i'm tired right now and gettin a bit crosseyed. hopefully later i'll be a bit more alive.

i'll be cruisin around this afternoon.. see ya then.

happy monday to ya--