Wednesday, April 7, 2010

micro-post --- someone told me i'm still alive :

so. i spose i'll just take their word for it.

a post or two before this one-- i have a couple mini posts in the comments - if you missed em, or care to see my spur of the moment babbling. or not.

anyhow-- i can't keep this to myself. no- not any info-- sorry .
but as some - or most of y'all know , my soulkid is very talented in the area of arts. music, singing, drawing, sketching, etc. since we've moved into this house she has even self taught herself some piano -- and good too. (on the piano the previous owners left, in order to not have to move it).
so anyhow-- in an effort to put her thoughts and mind in a different place for a while--- her dad took her to buy new art supplies---- in just a short time-- with her new paints, brushes, and first canvas -- below is what came out of her. folks i do believe we have an artist on our hands -- so i thought i'd share it with y'all. i am gonna buy it's own special frame and hang it proudly on my wall -- hopefully where i can see it often-- but the living room is scarce for wall space-- so it may end up in the entrance hallway-- but hey-- it's a wall. and she surprised all 3 of us with the finished product.

(click on it)

(this photo is copyrighted)

anyhow-- we haven't lost our sense of humor-- yet
look at 'turtle' - who btw- will soon be freed at the creek-
"he's boring as shit"

not sure what, other than boring she expected-it's a damn turtle.
but yeh- he is boring - and yet to be named.

so. as usual, i blabbed way more than my micro-post intended-
but that's just some stuff about what stuff is around here.

be happy folks - ya never know when that may change. laugh when ya can.. through the good , the bad, and the shitty.
cuz baby-- that's life for some folks we know.