Friday, June 26, 2009

hi ho - hi ho- it's off to the lab i go

and only about two weeks late.

no, i'm not afraid of needles --
i just procrastinate too damn much.

i did however get my thyroid ultrasound ,
yesterday. of course the stupid tech "couldn't" tell me nuthin.
ERG i hate that. i wanna know what-- if anything is goin on,
and i wanna know NOW.
but, i told ya-- hurry up, and wait.

so, that's what i'll do now too
go to the lab.. and hurry up and wait there too.

then the 23rd-- guess what i get to do?
yep, you guessed it--
hurry up and wait on the pain management doc.

i wish i had about half the damn money i've spent
on these useless bastard doctors over the passed three years.
it'd pay closing costs on the house.

oh--- which btw-- IS the one i did the video of.
just seems like the best deal out there-- for us-- right now.
so -- we took their counter offer.
hubby just dropped off the earnest money--
so, i guess that means there's no backin out now.
well, there is-- but there won't be.
unless the gods of schleprock luck intervene, and blow the whole thing.

i reckon i shall keep ya posted.

hope all is well in your worlds today
and that you have great weekends all the way around!