Thursday, July 2, 2009

me and julio down by the schoolyard :))

y'all know you love that song!!! :)) and i know you will have it in your head all day long. unfortunately, so will i.

anyhow, it makes me smile. don't ask me why, it just does.

so. smocha emailed me a couple of my wedding pix. how kind . now i don't have to endure the time to dig up vimeo passwords, and y'all don't have to endure the video i made on our 15th anniversary. altho.. it wasn't bad. just kinda long.
so, here's our wedding day 17 years ago. my my how we change eh?

it honestly was one of the happiest days of my life. the only thing comparable is seeing my children for the first time. i can't think of any three happier days. i'm sure they exist --- somewhere in the recesses of my senile mind.

so. what now? oh. a couple of you asked if we did anything for our anniversary. the word "romantic" was even mentioned. HAHAHAHA!!! what's that mean?
we DID almost forget all about it. just like mary almost did. just too much stuff goin on. no cards, no plans, no nuthin. i woke up first-- as usual. i was sittin in my office-- working on my bank account -- some of you know i do that almost daily-- i think it may be an OCD thing. i'm not sure. i do it obsessively. anyhow, i'm in here payin bills, checkin balances, etc. when soulman wakes up, and does his usual thing on a day off--- sits in the livin room and turns on the boob tube. (after comin in here with a good mornin kiss-- neither of us mention our anniversary).
i think at least a half hour passed, when he says--- "it's july 1st." --- no significance to our AV -- more of a countdown to closing and moving into our new house.
that's when i say -- " i KNOW, it's our anniversary!"
we were both like "oh crap!" --
it was kind of funny, because we had both been thinking about it a couple days before-- but there we were the morning of-- and not a thought of it--yet.
we laughed about that-- had a AV hug and kiss, talked a few minutes, and sort of just went back to what we were doing before.
bad thing? or two? by the time i finished with the bills and crap--- i had another damn migraine. it had been trying to get me all morning, but it was now finally full blown. i still hadn't picked up my refill of imitrex. soulkid woke up with the idea that we were going to the mall immediately-- i did tell her that we would go-- but how was i to know i would feel like that?? of course i didn't. when i told her i wasn't sure yet, because i had a bad headache-- she had some remark... and soulman jumped in on her... and things got out of hand. so i went to my room, shut the door, and locked the world away. when things settled down he went and got my rx, and mowed the lawn. :)) while soulkid sulked thinking her world had ended.
it took several hours for my headache to ease up-- which is unusual with imitrex-- it usually works very well. but when i got up-- everything and everyone was in better moods, and soulman asked if i wanted to go to a movie-- if not, he would take soulkid to the mall. i said i would go. so we all went to the mall -- i waited in the car though -- they were in there for about half an hour or so-- but that was half an hour i wasn't about to spend in there feeling bad. not AS bad, but not great either.
so we ended up goin to one of those restraunt -- i can NEVER spell that word--
theaters and watched "hangover". OMG we laughed. that is a hilarious movie.
after that , we came home, and again all went our seperate ways-- me to my office-- soulman to his x-box live, and soulkid to her phone.
if that is romance, after 17 years... it was fine by me.
but i'll take a raincheck, for a day we don't have soulkid, and a migraine. or an x-box.
it may be a couple years, but someday she'll go to college, he'll outgrow the xbox, and perhaps, if i'm lucky, they'll find a cure for "soul-syndrome". :))

ok-- i gots to go-- believe it or not, i don't feel too awful crappy at the moment-- so i best take advantage of that and get some work done.

hope you all are happy in your worlds today--