Thursday, December 10, 2009

we all got sick at the movies :(( AGAIN

howdy folks--

oooh -- it's the snot fairy !!
how sexay !!!
you know you want him!

yep, we sure did. again. sometimes it's just me who gets sick easy. i'll pick up a bug here or there, and if i'm lucky it goes away in a day or two. this time? well. not so lucky. and surprisingly? rather than hit me first, or go in order of size -- as usual. it hit soulman first. hard and fast. the very next day after the movie (brothers) - then it got me the next day -- not as bad as him, just enough to piss me off, and hang around. this morning? soulkid has it. it started with her last night. she got up this morning, hardly able to breathe through the snot.
yeh. it's mainly a head a cold and cough thing. but it's one of those ones that seems to steal your energy too.
so. she is home today from school. soulman missed a day of work with it too. on tuesday. aint it great? yeh, i know. NOT.
and y'all know i've mentioned it before--- i know better than to go to the theater during cold and flu season. why do i do this to 'us'? bleh.

even trying to hide from the sickly germs-- hasn't helped.
just the timing of the start of the whole thing-
places the number one germ at the theater.
back to dvd's and videos for a while i reckon.

so anyhow-- the rundown on the test yesterday-- i have never felt more free than the moment that belt came off !!!
it was soooo uncomfortable-- alllll day. i literally couldn't move , or comfortably breathe.

(i won't have any results for about a week or so.)

my sister called me, and we talked for quite a while-- we prolly woulda talked longer but the call got dropped. but just talking was difficult for me with that thing on me.

i can't believe i used to suck my gut in like that on purpose ---- back in the day of trying to appear skinny (er). haha. that's the one good thing about being married. skinny - fat -- nobody cares. even soulkid just says --
"your old - who cares "
when i speak of my future moo-moo

so anyhow-- plans for today? IF i manage to get my sick and lazy self dressed i have stuff i need to go do--- but it is sooooo cold outside i DON"T wanna even think about goin. in fact i was almost happy that i didn't have to take soulkid to school this morning--- in 22 degrees! NOT happy she's sick... just that i didn't have to go outside.
but, the weather guy-- who is almost never right-- said it is sposed to hit 40- sumthin this afternoon. if and when that happens-- i just may be able to sacrifice myself to my errands. i'll let ya know how that goes.
ha-- yeh right. y'all know i'm not leavin my house til it gets above 60 again. dontchya.

i absolutely hate cold. i hate it as much as a teething baby with a poopy diaper hates the fact that they can't cuss out their mother.


hope y'all have warm and happy days today--

i need to go talk myself into goin out -- i really need to-- but like they say-- wish in one hand . . .

latah peeps