Friday, August 10, 2007

well crap, why did everybody choose TODAY to get a life?

where the hell is everybody?

y'all are out partyin up aint ya? friday rolls around, ya get a little cash, just go out and have a few, and just forget about ole Soul sittin here. ahhhh, but that's ok. i hope you're all havin fun.

me? i did a little readin in my library book.. which was a big mistake actually. my eyes were already burnin for some reason...tired or whatever. old? i don't know. but i'm half blind as it is, and reading is just not that good of an idea on a Good eye day, much less a bad eye day. so now my eyes are on fiah ! and i only read a for maybe an hour or two. which for me.. really isn't a lot.

so anyhow ... guess it's gonna be an early night for me, we have to get up at like 330 tomorrow to be on the lake by 5 AM. the payout is 100 %. i really don't know how much that will add up to, it depends on how many boats fish... but 50 bucks a boat? hmmmmm. sure would be nice to win it. the last two tournaments out there only took ten pounds to win... with a five fish limit. five 2 pounders. it can be done. 2 five pounders? you'd see me cry ! better yet... ONE TEN pounder! oh boy... i'd really cry then.

actually, why don't i get realistic for a moment here... tourney starts at 6... by 8... i'll be cryin from heat , pain, or or no fish.

oh well... i'm gonna cruise around a bit i guess and go ta bed.

latah tatahs

Good Golly Miss Molly

here i was with my little list of things to do today.. you know how i have to have a list these days, or nothing gets done..cuz i remember nothing anymore. well... i got as far as ordering a couple prescriptions, and taking my meds. then i got side tracked talking online.

then of course i had to respond to some comments on my blog here.

then of course i made my second or third set of rounds to see if anyone had posted anything new.

and in the meantime, my daughter had woke up, not feeling well... so... i scratched off of my list... school shopping. which actually , for once actually disappointed me. i normally would be thrilled to not shop. but i was kinda lookin forward to it today. soooo.

but anyhow, then, hubby texts me and asks if i want to fish a tournament with him tomorrow. hmmmm. well first he says he needs to know if we have fifty bucks so HE can fish a tourney. i text back...hesitantly, and say, hmmm sure go ahead. wondering what we will sacrifice for it. probably nothing really. but then he texts back and then asks if i want to fish it with him as his partner. hmmm... cool. sorta. even knowing that six hours in the heat fishing is gonna damn near kill me, i text back and say sure. i hope i survive it. i mean like without whimping out and having to stop fishing for too long. there will be money involved and he will need a productive fishing partner. sure would be nice to win some damn money. we used to live right by that lake and fished it all the time. we know some good spots out there. we have a good chance . sooo. this will be the first time we fish an actual tournament together. we've both fished tournaments before but not as partners. it'll be long as i can stay physically ok. cross yo fingahs!!!!

ok... so now i gotta get the kid to suck it up and shop today... cuz there aint gonna be no shoppin tomorrow. plus i must get groceries in this place today, lest we stahv.

and i gotta pay the dreaded bills. which is always the funnest part of payday. watchin it alllll go away. takes two damn weeks to see it, and half an hour to watch it disappear. aint life just grand?

but, ya know what... if anybody..and i already know, most of you about my yesterday... i must say... today , so a much better day. sure there's stress, but when isn't there? but it's nothin like yesterday, all sick with anxiety, and anger and depression, etc.

i even got a book from the library when we went yesterday, and even started to read it last night. it's actually pretty good. if a book doesn't get my interest within the first few pages, it's a gonner...this one, i got through a couple chapters last that's a good thing. i'll probably actually finish it. if i don't go blind first. (note to self- get to the freakin eye doctor)

ok... the kid is actually feelin betah.. thank God for motrin... she is now doin the primpin thang. we shall get food and school clothes. and if i have an ounce of energy when we get back, i will see you then.