Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i'm so bored i could hang myself

oh, get a grip, not for real. it was just the first thing i thought of. so i wrote it. but really i am so bored i'm goin out of my skin. i haven't been fishin in two days...no tellin how many more i will have to go before the water clears up...... and even then IF i go, the fish may take days or weeks to start bitin again... IF they haven't been killed in the flood. UGH.
what will i do with myself???
here we are with brand new fish scales, and no fish to weigh. that's thrilling.
Plus...i just spent fifty bucks today to renew the registration on the boat. woo hoo. no sense in taking it on a stained, flooded , dead fish lake though, is there?
all the shows i like to watch on tv, are over. such as the sopranos, survivor, the apprentice, american idol...which sucked ass this year anyhow. there's supposedly a new pirate show on, but i have no clue when it comes on and haven't even seen one episode. soooo. hmmm.
and as far as blockbuster, they get like two new releases a week anymore...and THEY suck ass too!
today "the bridge to tarabithia" came out. i wanted to rent that...but i got there at like 11, they were ALL gone already. the girl said they were all gone in less than ten minutes !!!! good movie apparently....but i didn't get to get it. i ended up with one i've never heard of, and another that's like eight years old that i've seen twelve times that my kid asked for... "uptown girls"... UGH. does the watching the same movie a hundred and fifty times EVER END with kids? GAWD.
so anyhow. hubby is selling his car...AND his truck. anyone want one? he wants a different truck...this one doesn't pull the boat good enough. as for the car...he doesn't need two vehicles...and i must have this damned oral cyst removed before i go insane. it is getting more and more painful. and as i overdose on asperin, my stomach problems only worsen...and it is all a bad chain of events.
so... if you want to buy or sell a vehicle..lemmee know.
and...what else?
not a damn thing.
good bye
for now

on a lighter note . . .

here is a little poem that hubby came across, i thought i would share it with you:

(you have to read this with a spanish accent, for the full effect)

My seester is no bueno.
She ate up all my beans.
I say to her much cuss words,
But she don't know what it means.

So I choke her why she sleeping,
Put her in a garbage sack.
Then I throw her in the reever
And I hope she don't come back!

Seester, seester, why you eat my beans?
It really made me mad because they are my favorite things.
Seester, seester, I hope you do not float.
I hope nobody find you when they driving in their boat!