Sunday, March 1, 2009

the rest of the storeeeeee - - -

howdy peeps-
i would say good mornin, but -
well... it isn't morning yet--
technically at least.
it's 4:30 a.m. - my my how time flies!

i don't remember what time i went to bed/sleep--
but i do know i woke up around 2 a.m.
y'all know how much i love that.

i thought i'd get a drink of water and go back to bed--
did it happen that way?
ummm... obviously not.
cuz here i sit-
talkin to y'all.
beats talkin to myself i reckon eh?

so anyways---
lots of folks are askin for the details of the words exchanged the other night between soulman and assclown.

[hold on i neeed mo' coffee :)) ]

k. i'm back.
i decided i'd had enough coffee--
so i switched to something i 'think' i invented-
back in the day when i gave up alcohol.
'club soda, with grape juice-on ice.'

may not sound good to you-- but hey,
'don't knock it til ya try it.'

ok where were we?


ahhhh yes... some questions and comments on our eventful evening at the mall.
well--- i did answer a lot more than i planned to in the comments below-- but i'll go ahead and write any more that i think of here.
so check the below post comment box too..if'n ya want.


first, let's all start with a belated happy birthday to BRAD!
woo hoo
happy birthday Bradly---
hope it was the best ever!


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NEXT -- smocha with her "20 questions" :))

she wrote :

I want details of what ya'll said to the shitass!
Boy do I wish I could have been there to see it. Damn ,I miss everything. I bet Soulman WOULD scare the doody right our of some punk kid.
--- HOLY CRAP, NO KIDDIN... ... BAMBI- lol

funny yet scary all at the same time--
but i told ya-- or someone-- i can't say too much on here.
never incriminate yourself in a panic. just never write anything down, and never post it.
Next, did soulman think 2 tell her parents this tale ? If so, what did they have to say about their kid witnessing such an event?



Did the original Soulkid hear the tale? What did she say about it?




Dang, am I the only one this nosey?



Well, I hope you guys feel some relief after your confrontation:)


--- WE DO!

---[ well, surely you are aware of the fact, smocha, that if i were to repeat the what was said- -- especially in writing--- it just may not go over too well, if found by the wrong person. ya know. that's about all i can say on that part-- i can't quote the soulman, cuz i heard nuthiiiing. :))


[as for telling thing 2's parents--- hubby did call her on our way after dealing with asshat hell. only to let her know that he wanted to talk to her when we got there-- and that NO, it didn't involve her child. --- good lord, half the parents in this town.. and radius of twenty miles have been affected by this guy-- and the trust level and fear quotient involving "our" kids, has been -- damaged, to say the least.

SO, we get to her house and we all pile in. "mom's" at the door with the "omg, what now" look on her face. again soulman reassured her that her daughter was good, BUT-
he then proceeded to tell her about the event with bastard child. yes , he did apologize to thing 2 for witnessing his actions... and he explained he wanted 'mom'; to hear it from him rather than the teenhead version. he was sorry. it was a pretty dramatic thing. so anyhow--

== of course soulkid heard the tale-- she was thrilled. she hugged me when she got home, and told her dad "she was so happy he did that". she called him "a beast"-- in a good way-- and thought that him tackling this punk , in her defense-- was the most awesome thing he has ever done.

that fucker broke her heart and spirit--- and i do believe that she feels vindicated . and she's proud of her dad.. "the beast". LOL
and me too-- cuz her friend who was with us, told her how i got up in his dumbass face too. i'm cool now too , in the eyes of soulkid-- what a concept.


thing 2's mother was also happy about it. i'm sure the size of soulman makes every parent involved happy about this--- because y'all know-- a 100 pound soaking wet little child molester-- up against a 300 pound very angry ,"stranger" --- can be no less than terrifying. dontya think?? bwa hahahahah.


hiya joz--
oh ya-- he's had it comin-- and there IS more where that came from. but we don't want jail. hopefully one of the children he plays with is tougher than him, and kicks HIS ass. wouldn't that be somethin? oooh i can't wait to see him after every freakin piercing gets pulled out of his stoopid face!



all the ? smocha asked have been answered.


well , there ya have it---

"The Rest Of The Story"

poor paul harvey ,
with his tag line and popular radio show--
"the rest of the story"
he has recently died at the age of 90.
i wrote about him once a while back-
i think i would like some of his shows on tape--well, cd.


NOW, if only i could manage to stay awake on this thing i might be alright.
i haven't done so well on this-- falling asleep every ten minutes.
(if you attempted a read earlier---
i do hope this time makes a bit more sense.
sleep blogging is just not a good thing to do.

so anyhow-- i better go-
that's about all i got for now
i'm tired.
happy days to y'all