Thursday, December 31, 2009

good bye 2009

howdy peoples ---
would someone like to tell me just what the hell happened in the below post? could that be senility run rampant? when i 'proof-read' it the first time, i guess i was more scanning than really readin it. but this morning? good lawd. did anyone really get was i was even sayin? cuz i'm not even sure that i did.
i swear to you-- i was stone cold sober-- and drug free. you all know i don't do either-- well unless i make the mistake of 'sleep-bloggin' -- which for those who don't know- is when i decide to get online after i ingest a horses dose of xanax -- which happens to be the only thing that makes me able to sleep at night. and also makes -- sometimes-- for an interesting read, or comment, wherever i may end up.
but--- nope--- that post was written in the morning-- usually my most lucid time of day. hmmmmm.
did someone mention concrete boots? :)) i kid. sorta. if i ever do get as bad off as my mom --- really, just take me fishin--one last time.
so. yeh. sorry for that mess of a post. could y'all imagine if i didn't write at all though? that is what my head is like all the time. just a swirl of past, present and future goblee goop floatin around with no where else to go. and folks wonder why i have that stupid look on my face all the time. ha! now you know.
'whatchya thinkin bout soul'?
for real!
when folks reply 'nothing' to that question-- it just baffles me. and i only wonder if it is really even possible to think of nothing at all. is it? you tell me. cuz i have never had an empty thought in my mind.

ok-- nevermind-- i'm a lunatic, we all know this. but hey-- i'm a fun lunatic. :))
well.. i can be. i'm more fun on here than in real life. i'm too -- something-- in real life. wound up? whatever ya call it. people phobic. i just don't like to talk much. out loud at least. but as you all know-- i could write for days :))
hey-- nobody said it had to make any sense. show me that rule on blogger. :))

ok. so. take a wild guess at what my plan of the day is today. just guess. ok-- i'll spare you the agony-- cuz we all know-- with me-- it could be anything-- or nothing. right?

well, here's a hint :

jitterbug barfed on my checkbook last night!!!!
ok , thatt's not the hint-- but it did happen, and it was no fun at all to clean up-- why my check-book? what a dumb ass . besides that? it was on my couch! and not the leather one-- nooooo, this requires real cleaning. dammit.

ok, sorry-- back to your hint---

Blogger JLee said...

Thank you so much for the Xmas card. Sorry I'm just getting around to thanking you ;) I am about to have a gift for you...hehe. Santa said you've been a good girl (sort of) I hope things look up for you and it always helps to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" My daughter and I watched that last weekend.

8:45 AM, December 15, 2009

well--- today i am meeting my friend Jlee for lunch, as well as the pass off, of my gift from 'santa'.
i aint tellin ya what it is yet--- but if you come back this evening-- you will see it. cuz i'm gonna put a pic of it up here. i haven't seen it yet. but it is something that i know she put her heart into. it is nothing that anybody on earth could have bought for me. and i didn't even ask for it. it's something she knew i have wanted for many years, but never found the right way to get it.

there my friends, is your hint.
come back tonight for the unveiling.
i just know i will love it. i think it will make me cry-- but not in a bad way.
i'm so excited i can't contain myself.

so anyhow---- moooovin on-- i did get christmas put up yesterday-- well, all but my snowbabies-- damn pain put the brakes on before i got to them. i'll do those today.
can't wait to get the rest of the place put back together-- and get this place lookin like a home.
it's so middle of the road ever since we moved in i can't stand it. someone should come visit and help me decorate-- i'll pay your way-- well, except smocha-- altho i'd love to-- i'd have to sell something-- ummm, everything, to get ya here. tell hubby you need a vacation :))

well folks -- i must get things rollin here-- y'all have happy days today
and be very very careful if you're out and about tonight celebrating!

happy new year my friends :))