Monday, March 3, 2008


and the walls have have it! looks like the unanimous vote is to decorate my nekkid walls while i'm on house arrest. so i suppose that is what i shall do. i really need to anyhow. i lived in our last house for a year without hanging anything on the walls, and i absolutely hated that. when we moved here i vowed i would decorate-- i have sort of, but still haven't hung any pictures. soooo not like me. :((

anyhow. the EEG went ok. i didn't wear that cap thing. it was the lead type. more what i thought it would be, but it has been so long since i saw one i thought maybe they changed. but nope. nearly thirty of them bad boys glued to my head.. sexy huh???
she had me close my eyes while she flashed lights for a few minutes, then close my eyes and breathe deep etc.. then i was supposed to sleep for fifteen minutes-- but that didn't happen.. i was just about to fall asleep when she told me to wake up. so.. i don't know if that matters.
but that was it. and of course i won't have any results for at least a week.

after that we went to the eye appointment. originally, all three of us had appointments for today, but two of the appointments had to be rescheduled, and we kept one today for hubby... since he was off today. but by the time we got there- he decided since i was the blindest that i could have it-- so i didn't complain. i took it. and i will have my lovely "trifocals" in a week or so. :)) i'm truly old.

they also said that as far as my eyes go one is nearsighted and one is farsighted.. so that is why i have such a hard time ... they don't work together. soooo maybe if i patch one to read-- and the other to watch tv.. i may be alright :))

so, you might say, if i was a car--- over the passed few months i've had quite the overhaul... and things are actually lookin kinda good for the most part. nothin a little spit and polish can't, life is ok here in soulland. cold.. but ok. i can't believe it was almost eighty degrees a week ago-- and ready to freakin snow right now. *TEAR*

oh well.. it could be worse-- remember that--- it could always be worse.

have good nights out there y'all

rainy days and monday always get me down

i already have two strikes against me---and they are only piling up... and hell.. it's 6 a.m!

it rained hard all night long-- the wind is about to blow the roof off--- AND i just heard that it MIGHT even snow today.. WTF???? AND i have the great EEG this morning-- which in and of itself is only offering mixed emotions. i hate doctors-- i hate NEW doctors even more than doctors i know and hate. i hate new procedures EVEN more than that... and i hate uncertainty even more. oh , and to top that off, i live in a place that NO ONE knows how to drive in a mere sprinkle.. so of course in a rain like this-- every highway.. and of course in DFW there are only like 3000 of them... every highway is backed up with car wrecks and looky-loos! OMG.

this is a day that i would be better off going back to bed! but also a day that it's just not possible.
i have too much to do-- and too many places to go. hubby goes back to work aside from the appointments, etc.. i have to make sure all my errands, and running around get done while i have my soul-driver.
groceries, mailing bills, po-box, getting rx's dropped off and picked up , all that kind of outside stuff that will require driving. plus any other misc crap. guess i better get to making my list--

ya know-- it sure is different when it is a choice to not go anywhere... and when you are told that you can't go anywhere. six months is a long time. to not even go to the store--or fishing-- this is crap. how my brother lived his entire life this way --- i don't know. he just accepted it. and he walked-- a lot. he walked for miles and miles a day sometimes. sure, he got rides, and he hitch hiked-- but he walked , and rode bikes-- but maybe he didn't know different. but i do-- and i don't like it. i'm actually quite peeved.

speaking of which-- they just showed a car on tv that drove through a building-- due to a "medical condition"... holy crap!

anybody wanna join me in my pity party???

i guess i'll have to learn some kind of crafty crap or something... i'll surely go insane on house arrest.
i could write my book...
i could scrapbook
i could make stained glass windows
OR better yet--- i could hang my crap on my nekkid walls!!!

hope you all have happy mondays-- for a monday!