Tuesday, November 11, 2008

is there a doctor in the house? and stuff

well, first of all, ya know i have to start with my cheers and jeers for Veterans Day. Cheers of course to the Vets-- and jeers to the way things have changed -- or not changed for them.
y'all know me and hubby are vets-- so was my mom, dad and sis-- i really could ramble on about how i feel about some things today-- about this day -- but i won't put y'all through that.
let's just say if you or a family member or friend is a veteran .. "Thank you" .

ok.. i better stop now, before i get on my soapbox.

now-- back to the doctor thing--
is there a doctor in the house? i have spent almost the entire day online lookin at med related sites. and google :)) i know.. me and google should get a divorce. i'm just so damn tired of havin all this crap be wrong with me and not know what it is- or why -- or how to fix it. and i pay all these friggin people and they don't help at all. ugh.

the only one who does seem to have half a brain is my neuro doc -- who by the way, my appointment was with him tomorrow-- for the results of the x-rays and pain etc --yes i know i said today -- but i'm senile, and was wrong.. it's tomorrow. but they called today to tell me they canceled the appointment in order to schedule me for a cat scan of my c-spine instead.

ugh... not to mention my head spinning in three hundred MORE different directions. cuz you know the lady on the phone didn't know anything to tell me. like why does he want to see my spine.. neck..head..skull.. etc.... OR-- why does my arm have a hole in it... or even is my arm broken... nothin. only that she'll call with the new appointment time. i hate it when that happens.

so that's what i'll be doin tomorrow

and i reckon that's about all i have to say for now.
time for dinnah...

i'll get around later on..

and sorry-- i lied-- i never did answer the comments -- yet.