Monday, October 26, 2009

jibber jabber

mornin folks--

how's things at your place?

here? oh just peachy. or would that be dandy? hmmm. i'll go with peachy for today. not a bad mornin so far. i actually slept til almost 9 a.m. -- but i was up til 1 a.m. so i don't know if i can get excited and call it sleepin in or not. but hell, i'll take it.

and besides that? it's one of those "our teachers are too busy to teach your kids today, so keep em at home" days. so hell, all the better. do they think i enjoy racin the clock every day? well i don't , so sure -- i'll take a day off. and you just know my kid and every other in the district is thrilled to no end with a monday off.
(even if mine does have an eye exam this afternoon-- she's the one that let a friend play with-- and eventually-- lose or steal her glasses--- so who's fault is it that she can't see in class? ummm not mine.)

as for me and my yesterday- ?
i just stayed busy. i knew it was comin, and i also knew that i was not gonna allow myself to sit in this house and wallow in self pity. the boy's been gone for a very long time, and me sittin here crying over it -- is surely not what he would want for me.

so--- i didn't. know what i did? i faced my pain and my fear of my pain, and me and hubby went and fished at the creek, and the pond. neither of us caught a single fish-- but that wasn't the point. i got out. i went fishin y'all. that was the first time i had been fishin since the 'rhizotomy'. THAT is what my son would want for me. that is what my family HERE wants for me--- is to get up and face the fear and pain.. and live again.

i was afraid i might end up in bed for the rest of the day for goin fishin-- i didn't -- i was only in bed for a few hours :)) and woke up feelin fine-- no permanent damage... and not a whole lot worse than before.

i then watched a couple hours of tv with the hubby, then -- we all went and picked up soulkids boyfriend, and went to the movies--- i never go see a 10 pm movie folks. i am old and set in my ways and 10 pm is passed my bedtime. but i went ahead and did that too. and i had a good day!

(the movie sucked though-- another -- let me suffer for you-- don't listen to the critics-- they lie! "paranormal activity" is NOT and could never be the scariest movie you've ever seen. -- like they say. it's ok.. to watch -- but the ending is just ridiculous.
half the theater said out loud
that oughtta tell ya-- save your money-- and move to the next one on your list!

anyhow-- that was my day-- and it was a good one. spent with the living. :))

happy monday peeples!