Friday, March 19, 2010

wrappin up the deets on the mommy daughter get-a-way - umm, yeh

happy friday peeples ! :))

i'm writing from my -- yes MY - couch at HOME right now. i likeeeee. i love home. but y'all know that by now, i'm sure. i am definitely a person who shouldn't 'fly by the seat of my pants' any- more. it used to be my style. my way of doin things. spontaneity was part of my character. part of what made me the crazy person that i am. that would fun crazy -- not mental crazy. just so ya know. i know- it's difficult to distinguish the two sometimes, isn't it? but hey at least THAT much makes me fun. at times. or moments. :)) intervals?

alright -- mooovin on with things. yes. i am home. and i love it. i slept in my own bugless house, in my own bugless bed -- without feeling the need to have my - car knife- next to me. i was home, i was comfy, i was safe, and i was with my soulman.
best night i've had in days.

soulkid - on the other hand, stayed the night with her gal pals, and swam in their pool. and whatever else they do over there. i don't worry as much as i used to about what goes on over there-- they've all three cleaned up their act a LOT. they are growin up-- and doin a fine job. none like any of the consequences they've paid this past year. so lately-- i trust them more. that word -- where they are concerned - had all but left my vocabulary for quite some time. but it's all good. for now.

so anyhow-- yes. home. my man, my dogs, my cats. my safety zone. for agoraphobic me? that is exactly where i belong. and i am happpppppy to be here.

so anyways-- i think there are a few things i didn't have time to write about in here on the mornin we left hotel on day 3. -- please excuse the many many typos in that post-- obviously i was poundin that out so we could get out of there on time) now there's no reason to correct it since almost everyone has read it. typos get easy to read after a while - don't ya think? i'm pretty good at it anyhow.

so-- here are a few things i forgot to include in thursday mornings post--- if you haven't read it yet-- go read it first -- then place the photos where they go in your mind-- i'm sure you can do it-- very kindergarten . then come read this part and it should all fit into one 'fluid' -- or not-- story.

so-- here's how i'll make it a bit easier -- anywhere that i am elaborating on something-- after i post this-- i will go to the other post and put a * by the part to refer to -- k?

aiiiighty then--

for the first *1 - added info -- the first part to this is on thursday part 1.

***#3 out of order-- entered late-- forgot to say this--night one- austin :

so yeh... i think i mentioned everything worth sayin about the first day/night and the hotel stuff. goin shoppin and all that. BUT what i failed to mention earlier? was the part about our return to the hotel -- from shopping and dinner --- it's cuz i am me-- and we will just leave it at that k?
but here is what happened.
without thinkin that there might-- just possible be, more than one of the hotels we were at in this town... we headed out-- without me thinkin-- or even considering any of this-- or writing the address- or noting the location or even landmarks near the hotel, oh yes i did :((
SO-- to make a long story short as i can---- we were on our way back to the room, when it occurred to me.... i had NO clue where our hotel was !!!!! yes, i am totally serious. i attempted the GPS -- only to realize -- there were 5 or 6 of these hotels -- within a nine mile area. OMG -- it was dark, traffic was heavy, i was in terrible pain, and exhausted. soulkid tried to calm me-- but of course i was angry-- and yep-- a little scared. i really shoulda thought to write the address - or something down... right? duh. bren-duh. holy shit- i cannot explain in the english language the many feelings and thoughts running through my mind.
obviously tho-- after an entire HOUR -- no, i am not exaggerating-- we found our hotel -- after hittin two that were not ours.

i will never fly blind again like this. i am way too old for spontaneity -- a lesson learned the extremely hard way. it is no longer fun for me.

it's day/night two-- hotel hell.

it really wasn't all that bad. i guarantee you it coulda been worse -- and i have seen worse. this was ok. but , for starters? i took my 'car knife ' upstairs with me .
( i will put a photo of my knife here later- but for now- i'm still havin my coffee , and i aint gettin up. sorry ) but yeh. i sure did.
i called this place first, from across the highway - the one - that i thought - hell, if i have to walk up stairs, i'm gonna smoke, dammit'

side note-- temple texas is NOT handicap friendly !

so. yeh i left the office and called this place from my car. it didn't look 'that bad -- 300 yards away.--- about three football fields . so i call, and i ask-- do you have a room for 2? ... yes. you don't have bugs , or bad-guys do you? she chuckles, then says no. i asked if she had a smoking room, she said yes.
i find out the room is upstairs with NO elevator-- my legs -- i can't describe the pain... but -- i wasn't gonna drive one more inch to scope out any more hotels without elevators-- that were sure to be filled-- and or-- non smoking. so i took it.
lemmeee tell ya -- that was the roughest stair climb i have endured in ages. my hands were full- i was haulin prolly forty pounds of shit on my back -- yes soulkid had quite the load herself-- she was very helpful. BUT the stairs? OMG... i thought they would kill me-- i had no free hand to hold the rail. falling was the only thing i could think about. soulkid was behind me-- which woulda been doubly bad if i were to fall . ugh. i took each step so slow-- i expected that with every step soulkid would bitch cuz i was slow-- but i think she could see how hard it was for me. i had to lean on the wall for support and my legs were shaking from the pain and weakness.
but hey -- i finally made it to the top-- of what seemed to be mt. everest -- :((
and our room was right there---

BUT-- the door was wiiiiide open !
can we say CREEPY?
but wait-- that's just the beginning.
NEXT-- five minutes-- if that-- after we barely unload our crap-- guess what happens? yeh. yelling, and COPS--- right next door to our room !!!!
OMG!!! it wasn't dark yet --- so i walk out onto the balcony-- there is a lady half inside her room with the door open, talkin with a cop-- she invites him in, he politely declines. i look over the rail to check on my car-- i see the lady who just checked me in. i have my knife in my hand-- yep-- in front of a cop- and the lady next door--- i WANTED it to be seen by anyone who was lookin.

my 'car knife'
AKA my traveling companion :))

i then ask the lady --- smokin next to my car at this time-- right next to the office.
firmly- but not bitchy-- cuz she is the one who told me - no bad guys- remember that? well, i'm like --

'what's this?'
and like no one was there-- i'm sure so i wouldn't leave - she goes ahead and tells me -- long story short-- it's a domestic. lady takes kids- hubby finds her- they fight- police are called. etc.

so -- ok that's cool. we turn on the tv-- after of course vampiring ourselves into out room. tv to drown out the sound of the domestic outside. soulkid and i aren't used to that stuff... we both have our reasons-- but i don't do yelling. i just don't like it.
and in a strange town and strange motel-- even worse.

of course-- upon arrival-- if not after the stair climbing- it was decided- by me-- we were not leaving that room til checkout the next day. there was food delivery available- i could smoke-- there was no other reason to open the door once it was locked-- and we didn't -- only for the foooood.

so yeh-- the other problems were minor in comparison to the bugs the night before-- such as a really cruddy coffee pot-- i couldn't, even after washing it- take more than a sip or two of coffee out of it. and the shower-- let's just say-- i skipped it.
i wouldn't ever stay there again-- but hey- the price is right -- if ya wanna sacrifice the feeling of bein safe and ya like to listen to domestic disputes next door for the first hour after ya get there-- in fact-- i say find a nearby town -- with better , cleaner, safer motels altogether. how's that.
especially if ya have a bad back- or legs- or both. cuz this place -- i do not know why-- has no elevators in their hotels. isn't there a LAW about that? i think there is. really.

ok --- what else?

oh -- *2 -- we didn't stop at all on the way home from temple-- no antiquing , no lunch , no nuthin, just drivin...
only one quick-stop to get -- not starbucks-- cuz i didn't see one. so i stopped up the road for some gross gas station coffee. and during a soulkid third grade flashback-- i grabbed her a 'cosmic brownie'. she was waiting in the car - and, it made us both smile. she had a slight addiction to those when she was 8 or so.

i reckon that's it for any deets i may have missed.

OH wait -- i almost forgot -- my sweet soulkid said THE greatest thing to me the other day. we were in a vintage type of a store-- the clerk was maybe in her early 20's. of course i don't remember what I said-- but i will never ever forget what soulkid said to me. we were lookin around -- i was lookin at old record albums that she might want to put on her bedroom wall.. she mentioned it-- so i was lookin. she was nearby somewhere.... i said-- "something" --- soulkid said --- and i do quote -

"if we were born at the same time you would be my BEST friend!"

my heart melted -- and even the girl behind the counter had to say somethin-- she said --- "awwww, how sweet ! I would never say somethin like that to MY mom"

so- yeh. i have THE most awesome child to walk the earth. she can have her moments-- but don't we all?

so-- here's the albums she chose, out of my pile :))

soulkid slept the entire way home. for the most part.

we were soooo happy to get here.

today looks like an awesome day outside--- and i am --- 'considering goin fishin a little at one of the ponds . thing is.. i just don't know if i am physically able. but then again... a little movement might be good for me.

dr feelgood? paging dr. feelgood.

hope y'all have happy sunny days in your worlds today -- if i get UP -- or not-- it beats the heck outta drivin -- or shoppin. :))