Monday, May 14, 2007

it's a monday

yep...still alive here. just been a little busy to post. well, that's not totally true. i have been a little busy. but i have also been in my muck too. i wanted to post, just didn't. i could have if i wanted to whine or complain. but i didn't want to do that. still don't really. but i have people asking about the i thought i'd at least try and answer that question.
i am not positive about the type of snake it was. but i did a little research today. and what i did find out that "there are only four types of poisonous snakes in the united states". well who knew?
i sure didn't. i treat them all as poisonous, just to be safe. but they said that the four types that are venomous are... copperheads, rattlesnakes..duh, cottonmouths, and the WTH i just drew a blank ! coral. ya, that's it. ok. that's the four types. the water moccosin is also poisonous but in the same catagory as a cottonmouth and there are differnt types of rattlesnakes etc.
so.... i kept searching, and the closest i came to what seemed to look in size and color...which is found in texas... is called a "texas rat snake" non poisonous. but i wasn't taking any chances. that damn thing was at least five feet long! soooo....he's dead now. and, i'll probably kill the next one i see in the yard too. just because. i don't want them around my house. poisonous or not.
so anyhow...that's what i 'think" it was.

also.... my damn dryer broke. on mothers day. yippee. and i have wet clothes ruining. hubby thought he would fix it today...but didn't/ couldn't, whatever. don't know what to do.
i have a list of things to whine and bitch about but i won't. i just won't say anything for now.

hope y'all are good.