Wednesday, July 1, 2009

four score and seven years ago - -

oops, not. that's eighty seven years .... what i meant was,

Seventeen years ago - -

on this very same day.. well, i think it was a saturday, but it was for sure this date. July 1ST, 1992 . i got myself hitched. yep, to my soulman.
did i have doubts? nah. i think i knew very soon after we met that he was "the one". i think he knew that too.
but did i "see" us this far down the road? i don't think so. we talked of growing old together, and we made future plans, spoke of when soulkid would go to college. but actually feeling or seeing it, i think i was a more "in the moment" type of person. maybe i still am. or not. but either way, here we are. still married. and not one night away from each other in anger.
we have been through a lot together. we have suffered, we have laughed, we have cried, we have loved, we have lost, and we have gained. whatever it was we had to face over these years though, we have done it together.

Happy 17th anniversary soulman!