Thursday, September 4, 2008

thinkless thursday

(poorly edited)

well, looks like even when i got nuthin to say-- there's somethin to say. eventually.
but-- at this point-- i actually don't have the time i thought i was gonna have to say it in.

yep, just a few minutes ago--- i looked like this---

oh great-- now my pix don't wanna upload. dammit-- and like i said-- i don't have much time for this post--

so i shall add the pics later-- ugh.

anyhow-- that is if this thing works at all-- or if it doesn't decide to let me post em, before i'm done and do end up with time--


real quick...

you'd think, after a couple days without posting, i would have somethin to say-- well i don't-- or should i say-- i didn't. so i was sittin here, tryin to think, hmmm, what can i talk about--

so my mind wanders---as you know-- my mind wanders constantly anyways.
i think--
hmmm... for some reason... i thought of a few times i have been ripped off-- and some of the larger items, that i sometimes still think of today, or use as examples, or tell stories about when the conversation arises, you get the idea. anyhow-- yep-- i was gonna mention how---
"can't have nuthin"

but-- didn't get that far-- til now-- but my photos won't upload-- hmmm.

i think it was the white car

but this awful color

not my bin
but we had thousands in fishing gear stolen
and mostly only rods and reels recovered
we were happy for that
but still lost thousands of dollars :((

so then .. i was also gonna tell you about a couple food cravings i been havin lately-- one, i fulfilled-- but very disappointingly so-- last night.
it was fried okra--- BUT it was from a fast food joint-- UGH
it was disgusting.

i reallllllllly was imagining my aunts okra from arkansas-- that's the best shit ever-- and i can't cook it like that. i just wanted it to be that way-- and when i got what i got i just wanted to puke... but i ate it-- and really -- it was awful.

the other craving?
donuts. yes again. and still i sit here unsatisfied.
soul must get a donut. asap-
i have a pic-- but it may have to added later.

there it is.
kinda cute eh?

in fact i know it will-- i really need to dressed and actually be driving right now-- but am i ?
obviously not.
and why???
well that would be because
my darling soul-kid missed the school bus-- and just as i began to post--- she walked in the door with a
"please don't kick my ass" look on her face.
sooo-- we all know what this means -- right?

no-- i didn't kick her ass...

but i sure didwant to, -- but did not-- say :

yep i need to get her butt to school before she's late-- this school doesn't mess around with "tardies"
what a stupid word. i have always hated that word....even when i was in school
it's just stupid.

so anyhow
i must go

i guess i have to polish this post up a bit on my return , cuz i have other crap to do, that i may as well get a start on while i'm out. after all--- at least half the crap should be fisnished already :

happy days to y'all

off i go ...