Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fact-fiction- superstitions - or just plane weird

once upon a time ,i was eight months pregnant, when standing in line at a store, paying for a few items i noticed someone i know standing behind me. We began to talk to each other. small talk at first. She and the - also pregnant friend she is with, are on their way to see a movie at the theater. it just so happens to be a movie i had recently seen; about a pregnant woman, on a passenger ship, set back a hundred years or so, similar to The Titanic, but not. the entire thing was about babies; the conversation, the "characters, and the items being purchased by all of us. as i realized our conversation was holding up the line at the cashier , i grabbed up my bag, and began to walk away, all saying our goodbyes, and see ya laters etc. when i heard something fall. - my phone? the tv remote? i fumbled for what fell on the ground, it was the remote... barely visible, i saw the 3:23 a.m on the clock. and i was up. you just don't understand how happy i was to find that i was dreaming! but no more sleepin after that.
it's been thundering outside ever since. loud--rollin, clappin thunder.

i wonder just what kind of day lies ahead of me.

so far, it all seems kinda strange.

what did you dream about?????