Saturday, April 17, 2010

i married a loser -- and other stuff

hiya peoples--
i bet that title got your attention eh? it'd prolly get mine too if i saw it, especially about a guy you rarely hear a bad thing about- ever. well, i hate to say it , but yes, my soulman truly is a loser. he's "The Biggest Loser", in fact. in a manner of speaking that is. you see folks, he came home from work yesterday , to tell us other souls, that he happened to be 'the biggest loser' - winner, in the weight loss competition at work !! know what that means? my wonderful husband won 200.00 bucks ! yes he did. he also in so doing , since january lost a total amount of -- if i'm not mistaken 51 pounds :)
(and i do believe that i am off by a few pounds -- i think he lost more than that)
we are so proud of him!

and-- he isn't done yet.. he is also involved in a seperate competition with some fisherman, it doesn't end until july 2nd-- and the jackpot in that one is a whole lot more than 200.00 ... it is for 1000.00 !!! guess what place he is at in that one? yep. first place. he has been in first place since the beginning ! that money has his name all over it. wonder what i'm gettin for my anniversary -- july 1st. bwa hahahaha. yeh -- i know already -- a boat motor. yeh. romantic as hell eh? but hey-- that's a check i won't be forgettin-- i mean writin :))

anyhow-- wanna see my man? before and after? k. looky heah ---

this was a couple years ago -- but close enough -

and this, was like last week.

i'm so proud of him. he loves his food- and he didn't cheat ONCE !

i laughed at him this morning... his butt is GONE :)) hahahaha
i luff heem.

know what he did with his winnings? he is out right now, buyin a bike. whaddaguy.
i wonder how much more he'll lose before july 2 ??? i think he looks real good now.
i've worried about him for years. let's just hope he doesn't gain any back. he looks and feels so much much better lately.

so-- anyhow--- what else? oh my yesterday? never even happened. i went back to bed and i stayed there-- til like 430 or 5:00. got up-- ate, chilled, watched tv, back to bed at around 10 or so. period - what a day. oh yeh... i did take soulkid to her dr. appointment-- and that was all but a nightmare. was that yesterday? whenever it was-- i woulda rather had shock therapy. or a bottle of -- something. anyhow-- today is a new day -- and i am in tax hell. but -- hey-- that too is now over. yes, we filed an extension--- and while doing so --- the irs folks reminded us-- we never did file for 2006. ummm.... yeh i knew that-- and i have worried about it for all these years-- i knew they'd catch it eventually. our excuse-- the truth? we didn't-- and still don't know how to file half regular-- and half 1099. and no one seems to want to help . i have asked-- with offer of payment at least 4 people to help us. eegads. now we have 29 days to git er dun-- or face the wrath of uncle sam. who says ignorance is bliss? it aint. it's scary.

someone tell me why jitterbug is walkin around the house whining? she has a deep and pitiful meow-- and i don't know what she wants. she has food, and water. maybe she wants her daddy? but i'm fixin to run away.

ooooh... speakin of that--- i did it again--- rough day yesterday -- or night i guess. i threatened the fam that i was gonna run away -- again. shame on me. they hate it when i do that. but i mean it-- i gotta get away . even if it's a day. i need a break.

i'd come home. geesh.

anyhow-- that's it for now--
i wanna go fishin-- i didn't do that yet either-- and today it's raining. dammit
someone shut this cat UP

hugz all around.