Saturday, May 31, 2008

anybody got a crane i could borrow ?

i cannot move today. i think i have waaay overdone it this passed week or two, and i must stop. my body is screaming at me over my stupidity , and has been since last night . ooooh. where is that truck that hit me??

ok.. as for the tournament ??? it didn't go so well for us . some people did pretty good, but not many. but the biggest sack was almost ten pounds, and the big bass was almost five pounds.. (that was the same guy) we didn't stick around for the results of who got paid-- but i imagine that guy got first. anyhow-- we weighed a bag of 2 fish lol -- both caught by soulman.. one barely measured legal.. just over 14 inches. and the second was a small spot. our total weight was just shy of 2 pounds. we only weighed just for fun, we knew we didn't have a chance.
right after we weighed our fish we left. we had never been so ready to leave a tournament. usually it's one or the other-- and usually it's him.. last night it was both of us, and for once , i think i was ready to leave before he was. my back locked up on me before we were into the second hour. once that happened, it was pretty much over for me. i tried to sit down and fish.. and that's a huge pain the ass. plus it was windy again, so we were both gettin hang up after hang up-- which is also a huge pain in the ass. usually we try to get out of em, and save the tackle.. we were so --- whatever-- not into it i guess, we got to the point that we would just break our line off or cut it, rather than fight with it. strange night.
as for me, i caught 2, maybe three fish-- too small to weigh-- i guess it was two-- one itty bitty bass..and a perch. the bass made us laugh. ignore the hair-- but here he is:

so anyhow-- yep... i really must take a break from fishin. it is gonna be very hard for me to do that. i woke up this morning in more pain than i have been in in a while. everywhere. and so tired too. i just can't be this physical, every damn day. it's wearin on me.
brad mentioned that it was a good thing i aint gamblin..... how true that is. my mom was into gambling-- i think that's the only reason i'm careful about that. i do have fun when i gamble , but boy-- it scares me. seriously. i could get addicted to just about anything. but i watched my mom do some really crazy shit in order to gamble... and i watched her suffer for it too. so i suppose fishin is a lot safer -- at least for my family. i'm payin for it now tho. i may end up havin hubby take my fishin stuff to storage for a week or two tho LOL.. at least until my body can get some rest. talk about intervention lol.

soooo.... ya... even tho he was tired, and i was in pain, we had fun, but it was a tough one for both of us. if we were smart we woulda just packed it up and left early-- but of course there was money on the line. we paid to fish, and sometimes when the fish aren't bitin, even one fish could win it all.. ya just never know . so we stayed. i think we may take a break for a while tho. but-- we will see about that.
i know for now-- i need to slow down for a while. lest i collapse. or cry.

AC this means it's YOUR turn for me to fish thru YOU-- get out there !!!

thanks for the good luck wishes everybody-- sometimes it just aint our turn.

but hey-- some of the guys out there are startin to get used to me.. a couple even were nice to me :))

see you folks later-- my computer is loaded with viruses or somethin and i have to figure out how to fix it... "corrupt files".. anyone know??? i have windows vista.. HELP ???

happy satahday