Sunday, November 29, 2009

how do ya feel about that turkey now eh?

howdy peeps-
seein as i have nuthin to say today -- well, at the moment--
nuthin worthwhile anyhow--
i'll just toss this up for now-- and put a real post up later on.
all i will say about yesterday -- in case anyone is wonderin.... nuthing ever goes as planned.. so today we're wingin it --- if it works out -- i'll have pix up tonight .
so just pray i don't over work myself -- like you know i did yesterday. sometimes i just can't help myself. you know how it is. or not. some think i do too much. some think i do nuthin. my body tells the true tale. don't be hatin. just love me.

anyhow-- the below video expresses NONE of my own feelings or beliefs -- y'all know we had turkey, and cornish hens-- and last night-- audrey cooked a yummy roast--
i fish like a crazy woman.. when the body allows it-- but mainly catch and release-- long as it aint walley or trout -- and of course -- both are about only in my dreams--
(due to the heat here in texas)
and yep -- that happens on occasion :)) and even then i don't take a walley off the hook -- those damn things have some mean ass teeth! :))

(THIS is a walleye)

so anyhow-- i'll catchya round

have ya some happy sundays out there --
we will try -- long as i don't faint -- or end up in bed before 8 pm.
oh boy, it does suck gettin old.
i had yet another day of waking up wondering about the day i won't be able to get out of bed on my own.
such a depressing thought at my age.
but hey-- it's all good.
i manage for now- that's what matters right.
laterz peeps