Wednesday, June 16, 2010

where in the hell does the time go ?

mornin peoples -
how's it goinin?

here? well, i can't complain. actually i can. and most likely, somewhere in this post, i prolly will. it's not intentional you know. it's just my nature. it just happens. sometimes it seems to be a bit therapeutic for me, yet, at times, i know it gets a bit nauseating. i apologize. apparently tho, most of y'all are used to it by now. those who have - or had - a problem with it, are long gone by now. what can i say? ore vois. yeh i know, i don't spell that right -- i have been corrected - but i like the way i spell it.

so anyhow-- that isn't why i'm writin today. i just came in to mention the fact that time has totally gotten away from me. i mean as in losing total concept of time. i would say and space -- but no. i do know where and who i am. even though i'm sure some of you might question that at times. i think that may have only literally happened to me once in my life :))

seriously though. i think i mentioned that yesterday, i had to knuckle down and play catch up in soulland. i had gotten so far behind in business stuff here i surprised even myself that i was able to get even close to up to date. but i did. and in so doing? i opened up a five gallon can of worms. ERG. for real.

one of the major things i came to realize was that our vacation i have been talkin about for maybe the last two months? that i still was thinking was at least two weeks from now? is not two weeks away -- but -- FIVE DAYS away. OMG. we are no where close to prepared to hit the road in five days.

where in the hell did the time go? i hadn't made the dog boarding reservations. i hadn't bought - or administered the animal flea medicine. (Eevee has an awful flea allergy right now-- the kennel will only make the fleas worse-- she will literally be left alone to chew herself apart there.) we haven't gotten the float tubes , or the pull tube dug out of the garage yet. i haven't got the travel budget together - or bills and prescriptions organized ahead yet. it was literally a drowning feeling yesterday as i sat amidst a sea of TO-DO's. and MUST-Do's. wanna know the worst of it? or seemingly so? i wasn't even SURE of our cabin reservation days! am i not THE most responsible person you have ever known in your entire life? i was literally ashamed of myself.
BUT -- i am ON track. does that surprise you? nah. tell me it doesn't. surely by now - y'all have seen me in situations like this before? i may panic when i find myself buried in disasters of my own creation -- but do i not dig myself - and the soul clan right back out in a flash? i amaze even me sometimes. then again, there are times that i allow myself to be sucked into the rip-tide and stay there until someone else - such as soulman , pulls me out and performs CPR, until i can function again. but this time -- i am on a roll, and so far , so good.
i made the dog reservations, confirmed the cabin reservations, got the money situation, and bills all taken care of, got r/x's ordered, dr appointments made. and some other stuff. and the rest - i will take care of today. ahhhhhhhh.
the sweet smell of moving sloth mold in the air.

about the dr's? one is just a regular monthly follow-up. the other is with neuro. just so ya know Sis... the everlasting migraine? still a thorn in my side. ok a knife in my head. i get seen the day before we head out. no one should ever have a head ache for over two weeks runnin. so i'm goin in. if i get any news i shall pass it along. of course - i don't expect to know anything til i get home -- 6/29.. even if they do have time to do a scan before i leave - it takes time for the results.

so --- on that note-- i have a very busy day ahead -- so i shall see ya later peoples-
happy humpday !

PS -- LOOK how GOOD Skelly is lookin these days ! this is your donations at work !