Saturday, November 21, 2009

souls saturday sour - puss post

howdy folks--

wanna hear my movie critique for the week? if not - turn back now, cuz i have a feelin i don't have much more to talk about than that this mornin. and unless something extremely exciting happens in soul land today-- i don't think i'll have anything to say later either. yes, i am in a fowl mood this morning. i don't even know why. i'm just crabby. but then again, when am i not? right? tell me it's just age. or not. perhaps it was the mountain of cat puke i just had to clean up, and my mood will change soon? ya reckon? cuz i feel mean, and i can't like it.

(mean ole soul)

alright, so, anyhow. the movie review. y'all know.... well, those who read yesterday, know that we went to the movies last night and watched "The Blind Side". it was goooood! a little slow paced, but still a really good movie. true story too. it had everything in it. it had some comedic moments, action, sad parts, suspenseful parts. name it it's there. of course, it's a family type movie-- pg-13. very little cussing, and i think there weren't any sex scenes at all. so it's fine to bring the young-uns. but like i said -- there's a couple action parts that maybe a little intense. but they don't last long. or get too bad. we all three liked it.
sandra bullock did real good in it. and the little boy was soooo cute! the big boy -- the star guy, he did good too. i don't think i've seen him before, so if this was his first movie, he did real good.

so yep-- anyhow-- i say go see it. or wait for the dvd. either way, it's a must see. but it's not a rush to the theater for it type movie. but do see it. it's a goody.

ok y'all. that's it outta me today.

hope you all have happy Saturdays out there-