Tuesday, September 27, 2011


'sup y'all?   not a lot around here.  well , other than a few changes . apparently that isn't anything new lately eh?  looks like everything is changing lately. 

Facebook is pissin me off these last few days.  i reckon i'm not the only one who's frustrated, but i think i have a reason or two other than just the changes there that are aggravating me.  i don't think i'll get into that issue right now.  but grrrrrr.  it's an issue.  gimme a tissue  :)) ha!

ok -- movin on..  how was your day out there in the world?   mine here was -- i reckon fragmented - might describe it.  i'd go out and do  one thing - come home for a bit - then end up back out with something else to do -- back home - and back out again.. it was like that several times for me today -- and i have to do it one more time later on - to go pick up my girl from work.  her headlight is broken and the entire assembly has to be replaced - so i dropped her off today so she wouldn't risk getting a ticket - or worse, having an accident with a headlight out.  hopefully her dad can have time to fix it when he gets home tonight .. if not maybe i can fix it tomorrow.  we shall see.

holy cow.  sometimes i just can't figure folks out.  i can spend five minutes / or five days tryin to just understand a person.  i never get there.  sometimes i just gotta let it go.  not always the person ("it")  - the 'it' can be -- see?  i don't even understand "it" myself.  grrrrr.  this is how i sometimes end up just not talking or writing or communicating at all.  i just can't figure people out. obviously  - i'm having people problems at the moment.   i'm not arguing with anyone. no one at all.  maybe i just try too hard.  who knows.  maybe i just need to chill.  ya reckon?


i'm chillaxed now.  ahhhhh.  i saw this on facebook.  i know what i said. you shush.  just look -

how could anyone not melt their soul , lookin at that baby ?

that is my new 'great-neice' , Hayden. isn't she the prettiest baby in the world? no. that isn't really a question.  i already know she is! awwww.  i haven't been out to Chicago yet to see her, but we all will will be seein her and her lil family soon.  i'm not sure when. but i hope it isn't any later than Christmas.
oh! i want to hold her more than anything. i'm so excited.  for me and her new happy parents as well.

welp guys , i spose i should get outta heah and greet my spouse.  he just got home from work a while ago , and i haven't said much more than hello to him.  i reckon i shall talk to you another time.

until then you all be safe and happy in your worlds -- i will do my best in mine :))

the below pic is for a certain friend of mine -- i hope she stops in and sees it .  if not  -- i want you all to know -- i am not on crack.  :))