Wednesday, April 25, 2012

lost in translation

ok - so - i just left my sisters blog.  she decided it was time for her to 'dis Taurus's.  she recently realized that most of her loved ones have the sign of Taurus.  and that we are all assholes  :))  - yes, i happen to be a Taurus.  as if you hadn't noticed.  HA!
well anyhow, she had told a story of my 19th birthday.  one of which happens to be a very memorable one for me, due to the the fact that i am a person who happens to remember times when i hurt or screw people over - more than when i do good things, or have good times.  yes i know.  that is a horrible way to be.  but that's just the way things are.  SO.  when i read that portion of her blog - what do you think i did?  i said - oh contrair mofrair - aside from my negative mind.  i have photo evidence ! 

and here it IS -  but first - you must obviously read her version first - then my version - to understand the full story - right?  so - i reckon i should copy hers -  HERE:

by smocha ---

Picture it ...the olden days.....I think I was 23 years old.

 My dear little sister, Soul, was turning 19 years old.

 I take 3 babies and walk my fat self to the store to buy the stuff to make her a cake. One walking, one tripping over his own feet ,every few seconds and me carrying one 30 pound baby, the whole way.

I get home, whip up the cake and wait for my precious to get home.

Miss Priss arrives home and does not even EAT any of the cake! "Uh, sorry, I have plans with my friends."

Oh I should have learned my lesson back then.

Note to self: Never make a surprise cake for a Taurus EVER again.

Question to self: Why are the most significant people in my life ALL Taurus's? I must be a glutton for punishment.


SOUL version---

all of this is true --

this is how it went while she was walking with her babies and baking my cake -- that to this day remains special in my mind !  hence the 30 somethin year old photo that is still in great shape for being and instant kodak pic -

ok- i was just turning 19 = obviously - 19th birthday --
i was taking some classes at a local - poor people organization thing... i actually got paid to go to school!   my instructor had bought a cake and the class participated in a b-day thing for me.  i thought that was cool, and i got to take what was left of that cake home.  of course my sis was like oh bummer - i went through all this and this brat comes home braggin about a store bought cake! - bitch.

this is before i knew anything about HER cake.

a little bit later she says you wanna have your cake -- yes i DID insert foot into very large - young - mouth - i said -- "the good one?'
UGH - to this day i remember it like it was yesterday --  the good one -- shame oh shame on me -