Thursday, December 24, 2009

it's snowing !

there's eevee -
refusing to pee outside.
she goes out and comes right back in !
(i'm not the only one who hates the cold.)

that's my front yard.

that's my back yard

there's soulman, pretending to not be afraid to mess up
three days pay worth of lobster tomorrow :))
- them things are HUGE! -
obviously we decided against turkey for Christmas
after the Thanksgiving day meal fail.

there's sushi, scopin out the delightful lobstah -
little does she know, that if it's claws weren't banded -
it could take her nose right OFF !
but she is lookin very forward to her first taste of the lovely crustacean.
(well, if it doesn't get her first :))

and don't forget the true meaning folks :))
fo-shizzle :))

you want an update on yesterdays mood fail? here's a hint...

good- soulkid admitted what happened with the lamp-- i was speechless, cuz i soo expected a lie i was ready to fight. so i thanked her for bein honest and dropped it.

bad-- then a while later, i went back to bed-- to 'start my day over' -- i slept a couple hours , only to be awakened by soulkid---- with not good news, but nuthin i can write about right now. let's just say--- it made for a rough rest of the day, and night.

ugly = the bad, was not something i could- or should have handled alone -- so , soulman got called in, and well. hmmmm.

yup-- today was better.
cept i been fightin the urge to go take a nap for the last three hours. i don't know why i don't just go do it. bleh.

i mean....


see you folks tomorrow , maybe-- or the next day.
be happy, be warm, and be safe-
i'm thinkin bout all of ya!