Wednesday, March 31, 2010

this n that

i thought i was gonna be S.O.L. for a post today. i couldn't think of anything to write about. at all. so here i am, cruisin around to various websites, when i end up on a video site. i find this clip - of course i just have to watch it. the title alone grabs my curiosity. so i watch it, and i don't know if it's just me, the fisher in me, or if it really is just redneck humor - and truly plane ole funny. so y'all go on and watch it - and you tell me. is it funny? and if so, what kinda funny? or... am i just stupid? it's ok. i won't break.

ok. so whaddaya think? tell me k.

alrighty then . i sent it via e-mail to hubby - i can hear him laughin in the livin room -- i'm in my office. so there. it's funny. in someway -- you will laugh.

anyhow-- i was fixin to move on to somethin else, but i had to let ya know- soulman laughed. :))

k. do y'all realize our temp out here in north texas reached a glorious 88 degrees today? that's what it is right now. man. i'm ready. so ready. i can't believe it was like two or three weeks ago that we had snow on the ground , and today, if it were possible, if we were on the boat today we woulda been burnt to a couple crispy critters. man. i sure wish we could've gone out on the lake today. but a combination of soulman workin all day, and me bein unable to stand for more than five minutes - well, it makes that entirely impossible. for me anyhow. i'm sure soulman woulda hit the water - somewhere if he wasn't workin.
and ya know what? soulkid is really gettin sweet in her 'old age'. really. this morning. surprisingly, the kid got up before noon. ( yeh , she's still not in school. big issues, big delays, but everyone is workin hard to 'expedite everything' and push all this crap through, but good lawd, it's takin forever. hopefully maybe monday, she'll have her ass at a school desk? - if not sooner.)
anyhow - this morning... we were talkin about the forecast etc. she said i should go fishin. i explained my pain situation-- again. she asked then, if i could sit in a chair. i said i could , and added a snarky " that's ALL i have been doin for almost a week." not knowin what she had in mind. she responds with a "i will go fishin with you, and i will carry a chair for you." now is when we all say it... awwwwwwwww. it really was the sweeeetesT thing she's said to me in a while. i couldn't go though. not today. but the thought of it, made me get all misty eyed. and i thanked her, sincerely. it really was a sweet thought , she hates to fish -- oddly enough. she does enjoy the water, and the ducks and other critters over at the creek. she feeds them and takes pictures and stuff. i always try to get her to fish, but she hasn't in a year or two. some day -- maybe when we go to TN this summer.

anyhow -- we did want to get out - and not let the day slip by - it was beautiful outside.
besides that - she wanted to drive - of course, and she also, had talked me into buying her a turtle. that's right. she's good isn't she? that or i'm just a suckah. i vote for the latter. but yeh. we went to the pet store and bought her a turtle. oh, but wait. it isn't that simple. i thought it would be. but when am i ever right? when is anything ever simple, when I am involved? that's right. and why is that. right again. very good. because I am ME. yeh. ya can't just buy a turtle and put it in a box -- like i did when i was a kid. turtles , frogs = box and lettuce.. and walks on shoe lace / leashes. that's how it was back in the old days. ya got creative .. or ya got NUTHIN. remember those days. when kids had what used to be know as imaginations???

well, these days.. imaginations, have been replaced by the good ole american dollah, my friends. there is no more wild and free creative imagination in our young people today. the don'tmake cars out of shoes. they don't make radios out of shoe boxes. and they damn sure don't reduce their animals to life in a box. so there. hmph.
ad, just so ya know? i did draw the line when i was told that i 'must' purchase a damn $50.00 heat lamp for said turtle. i will not, did not, and will never spend that much money on a damned turtle. geesh. we dropped $64.91as it was ! for what , you may wonder. yeh, so did i. it just added up. 20 bucks for the turtle. 15 bucks for the 'aquarium', 10 - for some 'chemical stuff, and another sumthin $ for a 'floating rock.'
yippee. and they still wanted me to invest in a 50 dollar lamp. ummmm no. i said - she can take him outside for sunlight. i am not gonna buy that. period- end of discussion. surprise to me-- she hasn't brought it up once , and she thanked me kindly for what she did get. she's my favorite soulkid , ya know it? :))

so anyhow-- my camera is out in my car -- and i just don't have it in me to get it -- or else i would show you the new soul- pet. have patience , and i shall show ya tomorrow.

oh yeh, one more thing before i go-- ok two things-- first, we're goin to the movies in a couple minutes-- we're gonna see 'TheLastSong".
and tomorrow- i'm gonna see my pain dr about my back. i decided that i really don't think i wanna go in there on monday and drop a load of money for the shots (my deductible isn't met yet) and what if it isn't gonna do any good. what if somethin is actually bad wrong? maybe i need a scan or somethin? who knows? i sure don't. all i know - is i droppin 500 bucks only to be told i have to drop another 5 somewhere else. so i feel good about that decision.

and on that note i have to go. i will check in tomorrow after i talk to the doctah.

i apologize for fallin behind on the comments etc. i do appreciate y'all comin by and talkin to me though -- know that ok? cuz i do. i do. i do :))

now it is your turn -- catch up folks some of y'all are fallin behind on your posts :)) i need to know where life is for you-- and how you are doin. :))