Saturday, July 7, 2007

catch o' the day

ok...hubby got a couple bigger ones... and so what if he got more than me???

go ahead an tell me....
that this isn't the cutest little bass of all! and isn't it the guys who say... "size don't matter'?

:)) i'm just playin. i did get one or two more but they were small too, just not as small. and hubby got a few more, not as small, but no bigger than the one he's holding up there either. but we had fun. til about the last hour or so. it got dammn hot today! we fished from maybe 530 or 6 to maybe noonish sorta kinda.

all i know, i am half asleep right now. man i'm tired. gonna attempt to make my rounds, but i don't know if i'll get very far this time. i need to go to sleep. i am expecting the kid to call any second for us ..more likely, ME, to go pick her up from her friends' house. oh man, i don't want to move!

ok..c ya